It seems that everyone who is into photography has at one point or another taken a self portrait. Some say that in order to break the mold, we must first fit into it. The logic seems solid to me. What comes to mind is the egg. From inside a small powerless creature fights its way out into the world. That same egg pressed from top to bottom by the palms of a grown man will not budge nor even begin to crack. From outside the structure is stable, but from within, its walls crumble with ease. I am learning the art of photography and film, and there fore still find myself outside its structure. In order to make my own unique mark I must first be within the structure. I too must place myself inside the egg, only to break out and emerge as a unique creative mind. There is no time to play shallow games of illusions manifested by smoke and mirrors. One must look at oneself face to face. No personal progress can ever be achieved until we exit from our own self created mental prisons of self doubt and hate. I am only scratching the surface of a much deeper and complex situation when I say 'There is nothing in this world that I HAVE to do, but there are infinite things I WANT to do. The only thing I HAVE TO do is live' I look at myself and do not look for answers, I only wish to have the wisdom to ask the proper questions, for all answers are already within me.


I need a new partner... now!!!

Yes. I do. That can be you. I am currently taking applications. Today I was invited to partake in a Spades Night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a small gathering, a total of six players. If you were in need of impairing your senses, that was also available. My toxin of choice of course was alcohol. Four of us had just seen each other this past weekend and we had an ongoing joke related to 'pushing it to the side'. Needless to say it continued and evolved into gut wrenching laughter. When it can to the actual games of Spades, no one team was better than the rest. We were all equally bad at one or another. Just as an example in one hand a ten of clubs walked... and in another an eight of clubs also walked. The night would not only end with some poorly played games of spades, it was to be followed by a few games of the classic game 'Uno'. The date has been set for the next night of Spades and I am counting down the days as I write. Though I did not mention in detail why I need a new partner, just trust me. I am trying to maintain my temper and not break anything as I am writing.


I'm Late

As you might know by now, I am learning and practicing my photography skills and techniques. Yesterday I needed to get some fresh air and run some errands. Before leaving the house I pack up my cameras and head out. The sun would start to set in a little while and would cause a nice red glow in the sky. In my mind I knew that the glowing sky would make a perfect backdrop for a shot of the Throgs Neck Bridge. I knew a place I could position myself to attempt getting the effect I wanted, but the window of opportunity would be short. I'm driving down the Clearview looking out the window the whole time, checking for the lighting in the sky. I get to my exit and everything is perfect. I just need to get to the location before its too late. I have no idea for how long the sun will sustain the desired lighting. Now I am working my way through local traffic and the cars around me are not cooperating at all. I look back and the perfect glow is slowly slipping into the horizon. I think I can still make it. Why is everyone driving so slow when I am in a hurry? As I pull up to the location it is already too late. The lighting has changed. I am late. I missed my shot. Well I was not about to waste my efforts in getting there. I still took a test shot for future reference. Next time I will plan ahead of time and arrive early and just wait for the right moment to happen.



I'm on the pill. Probably not 'THE PILL' that comes to many people's mind but none the less a pill. To be more specific they are antibiotics. About a month ago I had a cold that came and went, as they usually do in a few days. The runny nose was gone and the sneezing had practically disappeared. I did not feel weak nor tired, in fact I felt fine. Well there was one symptom that was persistent, an annoying cough. I did not really pay any attention to it, hoping that it would just go away on its own. It was not until this past weekend that I began to reconsider the whole situation. I was with a friend of mine and she told me that I should really go see a doctor. Just recently she also had a persistent cough with no other symptoms and avoided seeing a doctor. When she did go it turned out to be bronchitis. I doubted that my case was as severe, but I had no intentions of letting this get worse. The first thing I did this morning was set up an appointment with a doctor. I was prescribed antibiotics to clear up my chest and stop all the coughing. Now I just need to keep taking my medication and just wait until everything clears up. The good thing is that I do not have a more serious condition, like the Sars for example. I'm going to live through this one.


I'm Back

After a few weeks off I decided it was time to get back into the grind of giving you something to read about. I have mostly been procrastinating and keeping busy expanding my knowledge of film and photography. I am doing a little of everything, from shooting with my digital camera to shooting with my manual 35mm film camera. And I must also mention doing post production touch-ups and cropping with the help of Adobe's Photoshop. Just the other day I was having wings with a couple of friends and decided to take a few shots. Here is the final product.


The Switch : Part Dos

Today is the big day. The switch was finally going to take place. I had assured that the old card had been carefully removed and replaced by the bad one. I took care not to make the plastic casing look tampered with. Everything else in the box was not even touched and I felt confident in my work. The entire drive to the store I did not feel one bit nervous nor worried. The moment I got on the customer service line everything changed. I am pretty sure that from the outside I did not appear any different than usual, perhaps I might have turned a shade paler. On the inside my heart was pounding out Morse code. Eventually it was my turn at the counter. I proceeded to hand in my video card and receipt and asked for a refund. The man behind the counter asked me why I wanted to return it. I explained that as a surprise someone ordered the same exact one for me over the internet and was on its way, and I had no use for this one. He did not say a word, just opened up the box and began to analyze its contents. At this point my heart might have just stopped for an instant. To make matters worse, when the bar code was scanned it would not go through. They had to go into the computer and verify the sale from the day before. These few short minutes seemed like hours to me while I stood patiently waiting for everything to work out. Work out they did, and I was issued my refund and was able to leave the store happy. I did not do anything wrong, I paid for a product and I eventually received it. I can still sleep at night.


The Switch

Let me first give a little background to this whole story. About a month ago I went to a computer show to purchase a new video card for my computer. For two reasons I needed to upgrade, one for work one for fun. The work I need to do is mostly image and video rendering. The more advanced video card would speed up my work and help to process my tasks faster. Now on to the second reason. I had developed an addiction to playing 'Battlefield 1942', a WWII based first person shooter and the sequel was out. I needed to have it. There was one small problem, the video card that came with my computer would not be able to process the newer more advanced game. So for these reasons I headed to the show and picked up an 'ATI Radeon x700 Pro'. I excitedly head home ready to install my new hardware and start enjoying my new toy. Unfortunately I could not get it to work properly. I tried everything imaginable, but my efforts were in vain. Due to some major procrastination I missed the time limit to return the item and exchange it. To find out if there was something wrong with the card or if it was my system acting up I took it to my friend to run some tests. The final results showed that the card was no good and most likely I was sold a bad card or a refurbished one. The solution to my problem was to go to an electronics B&M and purchase the same exact card, install the new one, and return the bad one for a refund.


Look First

looking back

This site was in need of a visual. Let me know what you think. I was about to start driving, but before doing so I checked my side view mirror for traffic. The road was all clear and safe to pull out. Knowing when it is safe to pull out is very important. Timing is critical as is practice. Bad timing can lead to an unwanted accident. Be safe. Use your mirrors.


Turkey Day

Just want to wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving Day. To me today is a day of contemplation. I feel that the real meaning of today is to think about all the things we have in our lives that we are honestly thankful to have. The day is not about natives and men in funny hats eating wild birds and feasting. Although the reality of the situation hundreds of years ago is far from the candy coated version kids are taught in thier childhood, the principles of community hold true. Today we spend time with our families and loved ones. I have always had fond memories of Thanksgiving. Having the whole family together for a meal is nothing new to us. Almost everyday the family sits down around a table and dines together. I know that for many families that is not the case and members of the family come and go into the kitchen and eat what they want when they want. To me that is hard to envision. But to be 100% honest, the Thanksgiving food is definitely the highlight of the whole day. I'm sure I am not the only one that has a light breakfast and lunch in order to save room for dinner and dessrt. My favorite dessert for this day is pumpkin pie, the homemade kind that my mother bakes. In one word 'Yummy'.


Just want to wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving Day. To me today is a day of contemplation. I feel that the real meaning of today is to think about all the things we have in our lives that we are honestly thankful to have. The day is not about natives and men in funny hats eating wild birds and feasting. Although the reality of the situation hundreds of years ago is far from the candy coated version kids are taught in their childhood, the principles of community hold true. Today we spend time with our families and loved ones. I have always had fond memories of Thanksgiving. Having the whole family together for a meal is nothing new to us. Almost everyday the family sits down around a table and dines together. I know that for many families that is not the case and members of the family come and go into the kitchen and eat what they want when they want. To me that is hard to envision. But to be 100% honest, the Thanksgiving food is definitely the highlight of the whole day. I'm sure I am not the only one that has a light breakfast and lunch in order to save room for dinner and dessrt. My favorite dessert for this day is pumpkin pie, the homemade kind that my mother bakes. In one word 'Yummy'.


Poker and Karma

How can these two words be related you might be wondering. First we must begin to suspend disbelief and embrace the whole concept of reincarnation. Karma basically is the idea that ones actions are carried on to the next life. The good deeds done now will be rewarded later. Also ones bad deeds are to be punished, or to put it better, they must be compensated for in the next life. In short, you reap what you sow. Today was poker night. In total we had seven players and about three Texas Hold 'Em tournaments. I will not delve into the intricacies of the game, but one thing I will mention is that to stay alive and keep playing all you need is a chip and a chair. Simply put, if you have one chip you are still able to play. 'Midnight' was at one point down to a single chip and with amazing luck within minutes was among the top three chip leaders. We were all in shock. No one is that lucky. 'Papa Smurf' suggested that it must be karma. Everyone was in agreement that in a past life he performed a deed so good that getting great cards was his reward. The quote of the night came when I said 'He must have saved a donkey from a dying river'. I was not being humorous but the entire room burst into uncontrollable laughter. It was the kind that makes your stomach hurt and your eyes tear up. Eventually the laughter subsided and we were back to playing poker and having a fun time.


Recovery Time

It is official. I am sick. My voice is horrible. This morning I woke up. I try to wake up every day. So far so good. I turned on my phone. I had a call to return. I dialed. Voice mail came on. I left a message. I should say I tried to. It took me a few words to realize my voice was garbled up. Afterwards my voice improved. I needed cold medicine. The brain is working slow today. Thoughts are slow. Must over clock my brain. The price I must pay for a fun trip is sickness. It was worth it. Monday night football is canceled for this week. Sleep, I must sleep. Sleep is good. Thinking is bad. Must stay sober. Avoid all alcohol for at least 24 hours. Drink orange juice instead. Vitamin C is good. Stay warm. Get better, I must. Thanks for reading.


Road Trip : Last Day

At last the last day of this crazy road trip is here. Since I flew in to Buffalo, I am not 100% certain it qualifies as a road trip. Perhaps the term air trip is more fitting. Well I started the morning off by finding the hidden stockpile of chicken nuggets and throwing them on the good 'ol 'Foreman Grill'. Breakfast is never complete without my famous scrambled eggs with cheese. In one word, Yummy. Full tummy means is time to continue with the day. First stop : visit old college friends and their four month old son. Good times were had there catching up and seeing the little one. After leaving their home it was time to meet up with whoever was still around. We all gathered in a recreational area belonging to the University. There we watched football, listened to music, played foosball, shot pool, and ate pizza and wings. Eating is always a good thing. Especially buffalo wings. After the chill session, it was time to pack the bags and meet up with a few people at my 'Verizon' buddy's place. Soon it was time for my flight and had to head out to the airport. There were about five other people I knew on the same flight and being that it was not sold out, I managed to change my seat so that three of us were on the same row. Three days of drinking and eating bad food take a heavy toll on the body. I got home, unpacked and knocked out for the night.


Road Trip : Saturday

In the evening there was a lot of drinking. At night there was a huge party along with plenty of drinking, dancing, and having an overall good time with old friends and new ones as well. Of course after the party was over and done with it was time for the after-party. Unfortunately the after-party was not worth the gas the car used up to get there, but there would be salvation. A bunch of us got together in three cars and headed off to eat some much needed food. Nice greasy steak subs are the best tasting food in the world after three in the morning. After this weekend is over, my body is going to be a mess. Not only did I have a terribly greasy steak sub super late at night, for lunch I took full advantage of the all you can eat Chinese buffet. It is a very good thing that I have normal cholesterol levels, 151 to be exact, because the amount of horrible food I have ingested these last few days would cause a heart attack in an unhealthy person. There is still one day left... more time to eat some more bad food.


Road Trip : Day 1

Wake up time: 11:00 AM.
Time to get over hangover : 1 hour
The rest of the after noon fly by really fast. By the time everyone was showered and dressed snow had began to fall quite profusely. Our growling bellies needed to be sedated, so the only logical solution to our dilemma was to head over to 'Wishbone'. The menu there is mainly Puerto Rican with some of the best rotisserie chicken in the city, or at least the West Side of Buffalo. So much food has never been devoured so fast. After our meal, we head over to visit some people at and drive around taking care of a few errands. Now it is dark and cold, but the snow has ceased to fall. That can only mean one thing, time to head back to the apartment and play some more poker and have a few more drinks. So you might be wondering what happens when you mix a giant bottle of 'Grey Goose', 'Red Bull' and five friends. The result in about an hour or two is an empty bottle and five people bouncing off the walls and completely out of their minds drunk. The highlight of the night was walking to the cars right outside of the apartment building. The street is lined with skinny trees. Every branch on the trees were bare. For some reason someone dares 'D' to go climb a tree. So what does he do? In his drunken state of mind runs towards the poor skinny tree and begins to climb. In a matter of seconds 'D' climbs to the top of what must have been a fifteen foot tree. Instead of climbing right back down, he just stays there holding on as if he were a human size koala bear. His weight was greater than the tree could bare and slowly the tree began to bend. The tree continued to bend, but 'D' would not let go. Eventually when he was about five feet from the ground the tree just snapped in half with a loud crackling sound. Thanks to someone catching him, no injuries occurred. The rest of the night consisted of attending a party and grabbing a bite to eat afterwards.


Road Trip : Destination Buffalo

Quote of the night:
"You are out of focus, I see two of you..."

Flight time is slightly over an hour. Arrival time in Buffalo is just before midnight. By total coincidence there were two of my friends on the same flight as me. We were not seated near each other, but throughout the course of the weekend we would be together the majority of the time. The three of us were met at the airport by a few of our fraternity brothers who had for the most part been drinking since earlier in the evening. After driving around a bit picking up a few other people, we all headed to Chichi's place. Once there we finished up a few bottles of alcoholic beverages that had been open. It didn't take long after getting there for a game of Texas Hold'Em to start. Halfway into the tournament a few more people showed up. Not wanting to get anyone evicted, who ever was not playing poker left the apartment and headed to a local bar. I was just happy to be drinking with old friends, that I was not playing poker to the best of my abilities. Once the game was over, we bundled up and headed to the bar to meet up with the rest of the calvary. In Buffalo drink prices at a bar or club are only a fraction of what they cost here in New York City. With that in mind we started to drink without a worry in the world. Shots were coming at me left and right. Ice cold beers were handed to me, and I not wanting to be rude accepted gladly. "Lets do shots!!!" I shouted. The place was regular, but we were having so much fun that in our minds, it was the New Year's Eve Party in 1999. Blinding flashes from digital cameras became our strobe lights. No one remembers what music was played, but from the way some people were dancing... it had to be good. At one point a circle formed as a boy and a girl were practically mating to the beat of the music on the dirty bar floor.

After getting back to the apartment I made a phone call and also had a sandwich, neither of which I remember. What I do remember is sitting on the couch and looking at my two friends standing near the window. The interesting part is that as I was observing them, they became out of focus. I actually saw two of each of them. Maybe I drank just a little more than I should have. Maybe. I did not get sick or anything like that, so I know I did not cross that fine line.

End of day one.




There are three new pics posted on my flickr.com website. Two are of flowers from the backyard and the third is a head shot of my dog Susi. Take a moment to take a look and feel free to post a comment on the site or even here.



Today was mostly regular. Some time in the afternoon I get a call from my friend who is going to a little birthday celebration in the Lower East Side (L.E.S.). The celebration was for one of his graduate school friends from NYU. I have nothing else planned that evening so I decided to go along. There was a possibility of a third friend of ours joining us, but due to the fact that he had just arrived from an out of town job he was unable to attend. The name of the place was Bob's, it is a bar/lounge in LES. I had been there once before, but on a weekend late night, not a Tuesday evening. We had plenty of time to take full advantage of the Happy Hour drink specials, so plenty of beers were ordered and drank. The place is not very big, but it has a very comfortable feel to it. I need to add this locale to my inventory of places to revisit in this city they call New York. I knew no one there but I managed to keep myself entertained. The DJ was playing great music, the hip-hop vibes had everyone bobbing their heads. Compared to most of the music put out through frequency modulation on a daily basis, the beats were a much needed ear and soul massage. After some mingling, small talk and dancing, it was time to head out to another destination. Next stop, Alibaba's. We were hungry and needed to fill our bellies with our favorite falafel. Drank a little, ate a little... now time to head home.



This past weekend I just finished reading 'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown. He is the same author who wrote the well known 'The Da Vinci Code' in 2003. I chose not to read the very talked about book and decided upon his earlier work for the fact that they have the same protagonist. I highly recommend reading 'Angels and Demons'. The plot is very interesting and the story keeps an overall fast pace. This book can be easily read in a few sittings. Time flies, and before you notice the time half the book has been read. I am not even exaggerating. The books make a lot of references to real life places and organizations. Most details seem accurate and believable. Of course this is only a book, so if a few things are made up or changed, it is not really that important, as long as it helps the story progress forward. I do not really want to reveal any information that might ruin the fun of reading the book on your own. If you want to borrow it, you are out of luck. It was been lent out already. Actually the day I finished reading it, someone had asked to borrow it. If you have read it, let me know if you wish to discuss any aspect of the book. 'The Da Vinci Code' is next on my list. I want to read the book before the movie comes out in May, 2006 by director Ron Howard.


Crazy Night

As if waking up at 6 in the morning on Friday to go to work was not enough... once work was over, my day was just starting.

Since my office was close to a few of my old friends, we decided to meet up after work for some drinks at Rogue. I was done with work a little early so I decided to walk around the city randomly to kill some time. As I was about to cross a busy intersection, I felt eyes looking at me. Slowly I turned my head, only to find an old college friend ready to walk into the subway station. After the state of shock wore off, we walked over to an overpriced well known coffee chain. She was also good friends with the people I was about to meet, so our small little get together for drinks was slowly growing. By the time we all arrived to Rogue our merry band went from four to eight. We had a good time drinking and talking of old times, and catching up on new developments. After spending a good amount of time there it was time to leave. Upon exiting we noticed the place had now changed names and was called Encore. The reason why? I do not know.

The night is still very young. Mr.Met and I part ways with everyone else and head over to a birthday celebration at the Crobar. I was walking around with a giant lock and also a box cutter, so I had to be a little creative. A block or two from the club I locked the lock to a fence, I had the keys so I knew it would be safe there. Hiding the box cutter was a little more difficult, but I did manage to hid it out of sight to be picked up at the end of the night. Being that it was not too late, the line was reasonably short. The fact that we were able to be on the guest list allowed us to enter the club without having to pay a cover charge. That was my first time ever being there. The place was huge and over packed. I ran into a few familiar faces which I had not seen in a long time. It was a good time, the place had a nice look to it.

This isn't over yet. I retrieve my box cutter from the secret hiding location. Now I am walking towards the gate with my lock and I see a person standing right next to it eating a slice of pizza. So what do I do? I take the keys and walk right up to the lock, open it, and just walk away. I can only imagine the look on the face of the guy standing there, and have some stranger walk up to him, open a lock and keep walking without missing a step.

Hunger has set in by this time so we head over to an open pizza spot. I place my order and pay with what I was sure was a ten dollar bill. When the worker returns with only a few cents I became upset. I wanted the rest of my change. We argued for a little while, I said I paid with a ten, and he said I paid with a five. No one around me had seen what bill I gave, so this was not going to go anywhere. I just congratulated them on becoming five dollars richer. Walking away a moment of clarity settled in and after some quick math, I had in fact paid with a five dollar bill. I admitted it to my self, so I did not feel guilty. I can sleep at night.


No Beer

It is Monday. That can only mean one thing. The official end of the weekend. To some it is the start of the week. But not I, to me the weekend is over when the last second on the game clock has ticked down to zero at the end of Monday Night Football. This week is different. The tradition of watching the game and sampling a new and interesting beer has been suspended for this week. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Lets start off with the bad. I will not be tasting a new beer. The prior week, I chose to go with an import from China called 'Tsingtao', which was an excellent choice. In case you are wondering, it is properly pronounced (ching-dow).It tasted to me what a beer is supposed to taste like, good color and a balanced flavor, slightly bitter without being overbearing on the taste buds. 'Tsingtao' is a beer I look forward to drinking again. That was the bad news. Now on to the good news. For the next four days I will be working on another project. Along with working on a new project comes waking up early. When I mean early, I mean super early, to be more specific about five in the morning early. That means waking up about six hours earlier than I am accustomed to. As long as I get at least six hours of sleep a night, I can function at about 98% for 80% of the day. Time to go.


Week in Review

Since I have not made time to post recently, I will give you a brief summary of the rest of my week. Going back to Tuesday night, after work my frat brother and I went to a wrap party. This was my first one ever. Most of the crew was, so it served as a good networking event to attend. The place was a nice little bar in the lower parts of the city. There was also an outdoor area which was perfect to sit out in and enjoy the free drinks and food that were provided. Needless to say, I took advantage of the free drinks and was taking shots and drinking beers for a good part of the evening. Once home I went straight to sleep.

Wednesday was just a regular day. I had no major plans that day besides driving around and taking care of a few errands. The rest of the day I just stayed home relaxing, the night before tired me out a bit, and I also had to work the following day and would need to wake up extremely early.

Thursday and Friday were work days so I was up at the crack of dawn and by the time I would get home, I was too beat to do anything else. The only thing I would have the energy for was to relax and watch a DVD.

Today my mother leaves for a two week vacation to spend some quality time with my brother out in Arizona. It will be good for her to get away from the cool NY weather and enjoy some southwestern sunshine and heat. I was out in that part of the country in April and I had a good time, maybe I will go back again in the spring.


Green Goblin

Well the highlight of my day was actually working and seeing someone famous. Thanks to a good friend of mine I was able to be a Production Assistant on the last day of a three day shoot of a commercial. The commercial is set to air right before King Kong. The actor that I was able to meet was Willem Dafoe, who among many different characters, portrayed Norman Osborn in the 2002 hit 'Spider-Man'. Norman Osborn would eventually metamorphose into Spider-Man's earliest arch nemesis, the Green Goblin. In my high school years I was an avid reader of comic books. Amongst my favorite titles to read, several were about everyone's favorite web swinger, Spider-Man. His many battles with Venom and later Carnage were always fun to read. It was around the time of the clone story line that I stopped reading comics in general. When I entered the University I had less time for leisurely reading and funds were also an issue. I have never picked up the habit of reading comic books again as an adult. To this day I have a several large boxes up in the attic containing my comic book collection. Each issue is sealed in protective plastic and cardboard backing, to preserve their mint or near mint condition.


All Hallows' Eve

I know many of you might have wondered who I was for Halloween. Well the answer is finally here. I would have tried to describe my costume, but I thought a visual would be more effective. As a pirate I have sailed the high seas, pillaging and plundering every village and town that possessed gold and silver. I encountered many strange things tonight, things a pirate such as me has never been witness to. I was greeted by a talking fairy, talked to a bunny, saw a man riding an ostrich, and a man with a burnt face asked me directions to Elm Street. What a crazy night.


Number 5

I have temporarily stabilized my computer and am able to get some work done. A few days ago, Wednesday night to be exact I was eating a quick meal at Burger King. Hanging in a frame was a basketball jersey belonging to Earvin 'Magic' Johnson. The numbers on the back of the jersey stood out to me 3 2. At this point the little gears in my head started to spin. Eventually the larger gears were also spinning at full speed. The result of my thoughts were interesting to say the least. The first thing that came to mind was the fact that Michael Jordan's basketball number was 23. What a crazy world we live in, both of these men are considered to be legends of basketball, and their jerseys each add up to the number 5 (3+2=5; 2+3=5). I thought that there must be something special about the number 5. Now here is where everything gets a little more interesting. Michael Jordan retired from the sport of basketball, only to return again. His original number had been retired at the time of his return, and wore the number 45 instead. Here is a man who in his basketball career wore 23 and 45 and the number 5 does not go away (2+3+4+5=14; 1+4=5). A man possessing such talent and ability as Jordan does not receive any random number, he chooses it. The reasons why he chose his career to add up to 5 is uncertain. Perhaps a look into numerology might offer some help. Within the Wiki for the numerology of five it states the following "Five is about pushing life to its limits." If there is anyone who pushed basketball to its limits, Michael Jordan is at the top of many people's list.


Down For Repairs

Once again I must re-direct my free time and resources to get my pc working correctly. This afternoon I went to a computer show, and picked up a new video card. The card of choice was the ATI Radeon X700 Pro. My old card came with my current pc and was a bit outdated for the kinds of apps that I needed to run. It was only a matter of time that I got a new one. Since the Market Pro show was in town at a nearby college I decided that now was the time to get one. Everything was fine, until it was time to restart. The infamous Blue Screen of Death and I became re-introduced after many years. Being that I only use Windows systems, going a few years without the Blue Screen of Death would be considered quite miraculous. The ironic thing is that in the latest episode of hak.5 they demonstrated how to crash a Windows system to the Blue Screen of Death with a few simple keystrokes and a slight modification of the registry. Well I'm of to fight the video card demons, may Gates be with me.


The Return of the E

I left Atlanta last night after waiting for about two hours for a delayed train. The Amtrak ride back to NYC was comfortable, and I was able to get a lot of reading done. I hope I was not missed too much. A little is ok. By tomorrow I will be back to work, busily writing for your procrastination needs.

Quickie Post:
The word mostly used during my trip to Atlanta was 'vouch'.

Most comedic line used while driving or being lost:
E - "turn right here"
J - "are you sure"
E - "not at all, but that's what the sign says"



There is nothing wrong with my blog, I am still out of town. Once I get back home I will continue to entertain all my readers.



Tonight it was off to Buckhead with J and A. Buckhead is a popular part of Atlanta, there are restaurants, clubs, lounges, and bars. During the weekends at night there are people walking everywhere. Cars drive along slowly, not only due to traffic, but to profile and to observe the eye candy. I came to one realization , I cannot listen to southern hip-hop for more than one song per hour. No such luck. My ears were hurting. I was with my friends, so I managed to have a good time and make the best of my situation. A few drinks didn't hurt either. After the clubs, there is only one way to properly close off the night, a visit to the Waffle House. If you ever go to the South, you must eat at the Waffle House after a night of fun and drinks.


In the A

After a long drive J and myself have arrived to Atlanta Friday night. After dropping off the truck, it was off to shower and change into some clean clothes. Once all cleaned up, it is time to go grab some food and drinks. It is Friday night and no amount of tiredness will prevent us from hitting up a spot for more drinks and fun.


Road Trip

My road trip to Atlanta starts tonight. Wish me luck.

And this is how I will be getting down there:



I know I talked about running before, but I must bring it up again. I am again determined to loose a few extra pounds that have snuck up on me over the last ten months or so. I only need to dispose of about ten pounds, but a few more than that would not be a bad deal either. I feel healthy overall, but I need to control my weight before it becomes a problem again. Most people tell me I look fine the way I am, but I am doing this for myself and no one else. If I become a fat lazy slob, I will die not them, so I need to look out for number one. Right now I have started with a 2 mile run. When I say run I mean a little running, jogging, and walking. I walk the last half mile or so to cool down. Im starting slow in order to get used to the workout, then I will increase the distance and time.



Being that I was talking about baseball yesterday, I think I will continue with the same general topic. Just in case you are wondering I have not placed any new bets on any baseball game. There is one thing that has been bothering me about these Angels, and it is the official name of the team. Why do they need to constantly change the location? Years ago they were simply called the California Angels. I didn't think there was anything wrong with that name. Perhaps someone thought it was too long of a name and wanted to save money on ink, so they made it shorter. The new name was to be the Anaheim Angels. Possibly they might have went with the city of Anaheim since the Mighty Ducks made it a popular place for a sports team to be. The changes did not stop there, apparently their ink budget got bumped up and they decided to have the longest possible name imaginable. The new name, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Try to say that three times fast. It seems to me someone discovered alliteration and thought to show of their new found skill. Los Angeles has the Dodgers already, they do not need another team in the same city. California is a big state, there are enough cities to choose from and not be repetitive. Who do these Angels think they are to use two cities in their official names? Angeles is Spanish for angel, so in translation they are the 'The Angels Angels of Anaheim'. That sounds pretty horrible to me, it makes my ears hurt. Thankfully I am not of the West Coast and do not have to deal with the constant name changes.


White SOX

The American League Championship Series (ALCS) is finally over. The series between the Chicago White Sox and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was decided in five games with the Sox winning four games and the Angels just winning one.

Lets go back in time about a week or so. The Sox had won their Divisional Series and were resting until the time they would have to confront their future opponents. Eventually the Angles overcame the pinstriped Yankees and advanced to the ALCS. The Angels were not distracted by the pinstripes, which is why the Yankees have won so many rings, their opponents become distracted by the uniform. The winner would advance to the 2005 World Series. That is not something we will need to worry about today, so lets move on.

Game 1 was played and the Angels were victorious. The following afternoon I am chatting online with a good friend and the topic of baseball arises. He then proposes a bet to me saying that the Angels will win the series. At first I protest, who in their right mind would take a bet on a baseball series when one team already has a win. I must not be in my right mind, because I accepted the bet. The bet was more of a friendly wager just for fun. To make up for the win which the Angels had, if the White Sox win I get $20 and if the Angels win, I only pay $15. It seemed fair enough to me so I went along with the deal and a bet was made. After the bet was made my friend tell me 'by the way, statistically the Angles should win the series, so make sure you have my money ready.'

The ALCS is now over and I am now $20 richer than I was about a week ago. At this rate I will become a millionaire in only 50,000 years. I think a few more poker nights and trips to the casino will speed things up for me and my million dollar goal. Wish me luck.


Rocket FM

Confused? You probably are. If you read my post from yesterday, you are expecting to read the conclusion to the story; my 'loss'. Looking at the title of my current post, you might be wondering what the connection is. The answer, my readers, is that the loss I suffered was the loss of my pc speakers. Everything I said was true. At first volume would suddenly drop then resume. After time the speakers became so low in volume that I would have to turn up the sound output to max and the physical volume of the speakers all the way up in order to get some kind of sound. I knew they would not last very long, and one day functionality was completely lost. I was not left without sound options, I was fortunate to have a decent pair of headphones with a very long cord allowing me to plug into my pc and still move around in my black leather office chair.

This was a temporary fix. In time I would need to be free from my headphones. I had two options; A: buy new pc speakers or fix old ones, B: find a way to connect my pc sounds to my stereo. Being that my video card connects to my tv for use as a second monitor, I went with option B. This was to be my attempt of having an affordable Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC). I again was faced with more options; A: wired or B: wireless. This was the toughest choice to make. The internet was my first resource, followed by asking amongst my trusted peers which option might be in my best needs. Everything at first was pointing to go with a wired option. It seemed simple enough, plug a wire into my pc and connect to my receiver. I would probably need way over 6 feet of wires in order to reach and keep them out of view. That would have been a huge pain, but the main benefit of having a direct connection is quality of signal. My living room is by no means a professional sound or recording studio, so i thought a slight degradation of signal would be neither too important nor noticeable. When it comes to a wireless option I was told that the main downside is the quality and clarity of signal. In my mind going wireless was thinking outside the box. Through the use of some kind of FM transmitter I could tune into my pc's music in my living room and bedroom, and depending on the range the signal might even be picked up in different parts of the house. I could even wake up to the artist or song of choice by simply looping the tracks I wanted to have playing on my winamp and then set the alarm clock radio to wake up to a radio station. I knew there were FM transmitter devices available for the iPod, now I just needed to know if the technology was also available for pcs as well. Thanks to a few Google searches, I found exactly what I was looking for.

The choice I went with, as the title suggests, was the RocketFM made by Griffin Technology. Just so you know this product can be found new at Amazon.com for less including free delivery. The device is aesthetically appealing and nice a nice blue glow which I like. The installation is simple, plug it into an available USB port and start using. Then came the fun part, testing it out. I set my sound options to output to the RocketFM device, and then start up my winamp and load up a few tracks. I turn on my stereo and tune in to 88.10 FM, turn on the volume and it works. I can clearly hear the music that my pc is playing through my stereo. Knowing that it works fine, I needed to test the range of the device. I got to my bedroom, where the only electronic device besides the lights is my alarm clock radio. I tune it to the same frequency and I also have great sound. Round one of testing now complete, moving on to round two. From the basement I go on upstairs to the living room of the house and decide to test out the stereo there. Again I have similar results, and can hear the music from my pc with no problem. I must be honest and mention that there was slight static on the line, but almost every radio station on that stereo gets some static. I was feeling lucky and decided to go for the hat-trick. I yelled up to my sister who lives on the second floor to turn on her radio and tune into 88.10 FM and tell me what she hears. She told me what song was playing and I was happy. Then I asked her how is sounds. She replied 'It sounds normal, why you askin' me all these questions for?' Then I explained that it was not a real radio station that she was listening to, they were the sounds being broadcast by my computer. I eventually ran up there myself to listen, and it sounded perfect.

My vision of having the ability to listen to audio from my pc throughout the entire house is now a reality. I am very happy with my new toy, and felt it was my duty to post this small chapter of my life. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Good Night.


My Loss

I recently suffered a loss in my life. Was it sad? Yes. But it was more unfortunate than anything else. Nothing will last forever, and that is a fact we must all deal with. The loss was not something that occurred overnight, it was a gradual decline. This being the case I had ample time to prepare and plan out how I would deal with the situation. In a time like this basing decisions on emotional thought is not wise. The best approach when confronting a loss is to make a well thought out logical choices. Listening to advice from trusted friends who either have insight or prior experience with a similar situation can prove very helpful. I was fortunate to have both a rational mind and a wide base of trusted friends to deal with my loss. A few internet searches also provided much needed guidance.

I hope that thus far no tears have been shed over my loss. For one thing I have not even mentioned what exactly my loss was. I have done this with the purpose of invoking your imaginations to get a work out. I know it is fun at times to read my blogs, I try my best to make them worth our time. Tomorrow I will conclude the story of my loss. Feel free to take a guess as to what I am speaking of.



I have not traveled a lot, but I have gone to strange and far away places. Part of me is always restless and at times needs to be on the move. I grew up in Queens,NY; studied and lived in Buffalo,NY; lived and worked in Atlanta, GA; and back to living in Queens,NY. Besides my long term stays in various cities, I have also taken shorter trips to places along the east coast including CT, NH, NJ, VA, PA, DC, SC, FL, MD, DE. Just north of the border I have been to Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. When talking about the western part of the continent I have been in AZ and CA. I was recently in AZ visiting my brother and cousin, but the first time that I went was almost 15 years ago. My brother and I went to AZ to visit our grandparents and a few other family members. It was more than just a visit, it was a road trip, on a Greyhound bus. The voyage lasted for two and a half days, taking us through many states and a wide variety of terrain: mountains, rivers, plains, and desert. I think this sums up my continental travels.

The list of my overseas travels is a lot shorter. Just around this time of year in 2002 I spent seven weeks in Chile. In December of 2004 I spent three weeks in Thailand. In May of 2005 I spent close to two weeks in Hawaii.

From my long distance travels you can almost see a pattern of visiting warm places. Even though December is winter in Thailand, the average daily temperatures that time of year is in the 80's. (During the summer it is easily over 100 degrees) I now feel that it is time I experienced the opposite. I want to go somewhere a lot colder and less tropical. As if living in Buffalo's long winters is not enough punishment I now want to travel to Alaska. Some people think I am a little nuts or crazy or just a weirdo, I take the 5th. Just so you know it was not 'Northern Exposure' that made me want to visit this far and cold place. I hear the scenery is amazing and I believe it. Blue oceans, blue skies, white glaciers, whales, sea lions, polar bears are a few of the things that my imagination believes I will encounter. What I think will make a trip to Alaska worth every cent is to see the aurora borealis first hand.



For the last few days it has been raining. Today it is raining. For the next few days it will continue to rain. Although the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain, here in New York and any other city in the United States it is mainly just a pain. Someone recently asked me 'Why do we even need rain? What good does it do?' The question was of course facetious, but the answer is simply to live. If raining would cease, we would all eventually die. The opposite however is not true, continuous rain would not make us live any longer than is naturally possible. One example that comes to mind when thinking of rain causing death is the city of Seattle. Seattle gets an average of three feet of rain per year, which I must point out is actually less than New York. The reason why Seattle is known for its rain is probably that it falls at a much slower pace, more like drizzle that never ends. Along with the rain come clouds and cold gloomy weather, causing people to be depressed and eventually commit suicide. That is one place I do not care to live in, visit once, maybe, but nothing long term. Rain cause all sorts of other problems, the main ones being flooding and mudslides. We all witnessed the effects of flooding on a major city. Mudslides or landslides caused by the rain can be so massive to the extent of burying an entire village. Rain is something most of us have to experience and deal with at some point in our lives. Some even like to sing in it. But what ever you do when it rains, do not run. Just walk. A person running in the rain to avoid getting wet will actually end up less dry than the person who simply walks. Water will not make me sick and my skin is basically waterproof, so I have nothing to fear. As a child I looked forward to rain. My brother and I would grab a few sheets of paper and start folding away, creating a small armada. Once the fleet was complete and the rain had ran its course we would head outside and race out little handmade paper boats down the streams of rainwater. Those were fun days indeed. Now, when I start to feel bothered by the non-stop rain we have been getting, I travel back in time to I time when I enjoyed a good rain. When I return from my mental voyages through time I bring back with me a part of the happy little kid I used to be.



I find it very interesting that people would rather believe a lie than the truth. Is it that the truth is too complicated for people's gray matter to process. Lies are usually very simple and straightforward. I would say that the more simple a lie is, the more effective it is. It is common knowledge that you can tell when someone is telling a lie by the complexity of it and use of too many needless details. That fact is what makes telling the truth a problem. Life in general is not simple, and in fact is very complicated. When describing something in words that is true and relates to anything real by default is complicated. So lets say some one is being asked about an action they have taken, and we will assume the person is telling the truth. When responding, they do not just give a quick answer, but instead give a full explanation of said action. To the listener, a few things run through their minds. The first one is that the situation being described sounds a bit too far fetched. The second thought is 'this is too complicated and too detailed... it must be a lie.' It is easy to see that this situation will not turn out positive. One person becomes frustrated that by telling the full truth he is not believed. The second person becomes frustrated because they feel they are being lied to. There is an overall lack of trust in people. If someone does not trust themselves, the less likely they will be to trust in others. It is a serious malfunction that I have witnessed in various people, and I can only pity their ignorance. The truthful persons in this world must continue to tell the truth, regardless if they are believed in or not. I myself have made a conscious effort to employ truth in all I do. Whatever the consequences may be, I know that I can sleep in peace at night.


Turkey Day

I am not aware of having any Canadian readers, but just in case. Happy Thanksgiving Day!


My 'Shining' Moment

All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy. All work and no play, makes Enzo a dull boy.


Email Me

As you all know you can post a comemnt on here for all to see. I am sure there are tiems you mihgt want to let me know somtehing, but do not necsesarily want the wolrd to read what you write. To slove that prolbem, at the very bottom of this page there is a button you can clcik on to sned me an email diretcly. Hope this hleps out.

There is a theory that states that when reading, our brains see words as a whole and not as individual letters. The important thing when reading familiar words is that the first and last letters must not change. I am sure that sometime within the last few years, your inbox has been spammed with an email stating this theory. This is my attempt at creating a similar effect.



After a few weeks off, my Thursday night pool sessions are back in effect. In the past my dad and uncle would go shoot pool regularly, but I was always too young to join them. They used to go regularly, then stop, and eventually start again throughout the years. This off and on again pattern has gone on for many many years and will continue to go on in the future. Within the last year there has been a slight modification to the established pattern. I now am old enough to play with the grown ups, some might even say that I am myself a grown up. The jury is still undecided about that. In addition to being of age to play, I am now living locally and not hours away. So sometime last year I joined my dad and uncle in weekly visits to the pool hall. Needless to say, they were a lot better than me at first. Slowly my skills began to improve. Like previous patterns of shooting pool, this one ended as well. Earlier this year weekly pool nights started again, but this time it would be my dad and myself playing. We have only missed a few weeks overall, with the exception to the month when my dad was in Chile. Currently we are tied. Neither of us has proved to be superior to the other. Only time will tell who will emerge as the better player. Although we do play for bragging rights, it is a bonding event that we both enjoy.


Can't Sleep

The time shown for this blog says its one minute until midnight. In actuality it is about three hours later, yes 3AM. A while back I talked about how I stay up too late at night too often. I even mentioned how I intended to change that bad habit and go to bed at a decent time. I always procrastinate, even when it come to sleeping, so I end up doing something else and miss my bedtime. This week I decided that the time to stop or at least control my procrastination was now. Sunday through Tuesday night I was true to my plan and in fact did go to bed at decent hours. This new sleep schedule caused me to wake up earlier than usual. It felt good to be awake early and enjoy a few extra hours of sunlight. With winter coming soon and the days getting shorter, it is to my advantage to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Everything was going good up until now. For some reason I stayed up and did not go to bed. I know if I were to go under the covers, REM sleep would kick in almost instantly. But no such luck. I am awake. I think I will try to watch a DVD and hope to knock out. Being that my couch is very inductive at causing its user to fall asleep, I should be able to get some rest.


It Works

Just a few days ago I decided to include a link to a site explaining various techniques on how to tie a tie. This morning I needed to wear a tie, and decided to try out a new method. I buttoned up my custom made shirt, stood in front of the mirror, took the tie in my hands, took a deep breath and went for it. I forgot to take a pic, but after two tries the results were impressive. I only had to make a few attempts because I had the length all wrong, but the actual knot and even the dimple were correct. I must say that I am proud of myself. This is something that I knew I would one day learn, and that day is today. Will I write it down on my calender? No. Will I remember this day years from now? No. The important thing is that I remember it now and am able to share with my readers one of my small achievements in life. If I was ever to take over the world, at least I will be properly dressed.

Good Night.


New Pics

Just to let everyone know, besides the pic of Shea Stadium that was displayed in yesterday's blog, there are a few more on my flickr.com site for your viewing enjoyment. I took over 30 pics at the game yesterday, but I only uploaded my top six pics to flickr. The link is located on the sidebar in case you might not know.


I just want to mention a slight change in the way my page looks. I added the Google Search box to the top of the sidebar for ease of use. Having it at the very bottom of the page has proved to be quite ineffective. Hope this helps.


Last Game

It is over. The regular season for baseball this year is no more. Today was my last visit to Shea Stadium for the year. Besides today being my last visit to Shea, it most probably will also be Mike Piazza's last game as a NY Met. Today the Mets came out with a loss. That is ok. The overall energy inside every fan was positive. During the seventh inning stretch, there was a tribute on the giant screen for everyone's favorite catcher since Gary Carter, Piazza. The entire place was on its feet, cheering and applauding. It was a site that can not easily be expressed in words. Someone with far superior writing skills than myself can even begin to describe the energy and emotion in the air. Today was the kind of day you tend to remember for the rest of your life. I can picture myself as an aged and grayed old man taking my grandson to his first baseball game, telling him how I saw one of the greats play his last game for the Amazing Mets. To be honest I hope I am wrong and that next season Mike returns and eventually retires with the Mets. The one place I know where he will end up in is Cooperstown.



Today I happen to wake up early and not wanting to go back to sleep I decide to make some plans. I make a call and soon afterwards I head out to my friend's place. Eventually we get moving and head out to a near by driving range. A driving range is not a place you go to learn or practice your driving skills, it is a place where you hit golf balls. I think I can count on my right hand the number of times that I have ever went to a driving range. I have improved somewhat from the first time I attempted to hit a small dimpled white ball to now. I still completely miss the ball at times. In addition there are also times that after making contact, the ball does not fly high in the sky as someone like Tiger would, but instead just rolls away. This is a sport full of many frustrations and intricately more complex than first appearances lead you to believe. It is a sport that you will hate because of its learning curve, or will intrigue you and keep you coming back for more punishment. If I continue to work on my swing and perhaps even take a lesson from a professional, the frustrations will begin to decrease. When my frustration levels decrease, my levels of enjoyment will increase. Wish me luck.


Word of the Day

It never hurts to learn something new, so I made a decision to learn a few new words. Although reading can be quite entertaining, reading through a dictionary is not how I want to spend my evenings. Taking it slow is probably the best way to proceed, so I have decided to learn and try to use one new word each day. I will not randomly open up the dictionary and blindly point to a word, someone else will do it for me. I should rephrase that, it will not be a person but a thing. There are a few ways to go about this, but being that we are living in an age of technology, I will let the internet choose my daily word. Google/ig is my home page, the page that is displayed when I fire up my favorite web browser. This start page is a portal, and very customizable to my specific needs. For example, I use it to display all my RSS feeds, my favorite links, news, weather, and even my email. The latest addition to my start page is 'Word of the Day'. Sometimes the daily word is new to me, or might be a word that when reading I just skip over. This should prove to be entertaining and informative at the same time. One thing to always keep in mind when using a new word, read a few sample sentences using that word. There is nothing that screams ignorance more than someone using a new word out of context. When properly used words should flow naturally, anything else simply comes out very awkward. When in doubt, leave it out.


Feed Burner

To my few loyal readers, some of which are friends, supporters, or haters, I have made your reading experience slightly more enjoyable. If you notice on the sidebar to the right of my blog entries there is a new button. If you click on the feed button you can subscribe to my blog, making it easier for you not to miss anything I write about. Keep reading and come back often. Good Night.

If you do subscribe to my feed, not only will you be informed of any updates to my blog, but you will also be informed when I add new pics to my flickr account as well.


How to Tie a Tie

Today's blog is hopefully going to be helpful to some of my readers. I know how to tie a tie only in one way, your basic simple knot. There are however a few more ways to tie a tie, for example there is the double-knot and a few others. So I present you with a link that takes you to a tutorial website explaining the various was to tie a tie. I hope this is helpful to those who want more than just way to tie a tie. Enjoy.


Brooklyn Lager

As an homage to diggnation, my Monday Night Football viewing experience is accompanied by tasting a new beer. Each week I go see the game at my friend's place on a plasma television screen. The idea is to take turns buying beers each week. The fun part is that we must buy a beer that neither of us has tasted before. This week it was my turn. The beer I chose to purchase this week was 'Brooklyn Lager' made by the Brooklyn Brewery. On their website you can read all about the brewery and the different varieties of brews they concoct. Overall I give this beer a thumbs down. To be perfectly honest neither of us were very fond of it at all. Only four out of six bottles were drank. It is definitely an acquired taste. What really stands out when drinking this beer is the bitterness. Just so everyone knows, I am by no means a beer connoisseur, and my palate is untrained to pick up the various nuances of the flavors of beer. The bitterness was a bit too strong while drinking and also in the aftertaste. It is however possible that these beers were not cold enough to be enjoyed to the fullest. I hope next week's beer is an improvement.

Warning : Key Food brand sour cream and onion potato chips have almost no flavor.


Hurricane Rita - First Hand News

We have all heard the various news reports before, during, and after the most recent hurricane named 'Rita'. I thought the major news networks had done a decent job at informing the population at large about what was happening in the Texas area affected by the storm. Apparently there is a lot more to the story that we do not hear about. I am fortunate to know someone from Houston, who did evacuate, and thankfully suffered no major loss. Tonight I was talking her on AIM and gave me some shocking accounts of what was really happening. I will refer to her as 'MsHouston'.

The following are the relevant parts of our conversation :

MsHouston: businesses are opening back up slowly... schools are closed til wed.
MsHouston: more ppl died on the roads trying to evacuate than the actual hurricane
MsHouston: ppl dying of heat exhaustion, inhaling carbon monoxide from being stuck in stand still traffic
MsHouston: running out of gas... all the gas stations were out in Houston.
MsHouston: it was chaotic I'm telling u
MsHouston: did u hear about that bus that burned with elderly ppl inside? 24 died?
MsHouston: my friends grandma was on the bus
MsHouston: she made it out.. is in critical condition.. she probably wont make it...
MsHouston: she inhaled burning fumes. and the insides of her lungs are burned.... its terrible
MsHouston: there was panic on the streets
MsHouston: ppl dropping off elderly in hospitals.. leaving them there for refuge... ppl dropping dead on the freeways in the stand still traffic of heat exhaustion
MsHouston: no gas, no water, no food
MsHouston: my sister is a resp. therapist for a hospital right beside interstate 10..she said ppl walking in dropping dead on the ground with their temps over 110
MsHouston: its disgusting
MsHouston: these ppl were stand still for hours
MsHouston: windows down to conserve gas.. inhaling fumes.. dying
MsHouston: a 5 hr drive from Houston to Dallas was taking ppl 36 hrs
MsHouston: ppl with children, pets, old ppl just sitting in hot ass cars...
MsHouston: the stores were empty
MsHouston: they opened all lanes of the highway heading north to ease traffic flow..... well now that the ppl are coming back, they think the lanes are all open coming south, and there have been tons of head on collisions
MsHouston: no gas.. the feds are checking out gas stations now, bc its rumored that the owners were holding back the gas
MsHouston: ppl selling one gallon of gas.... ONE GALLON for $60
MsHouston: and since the ppl were told to take money out. everyone had cash on them so they bought it
MsHouston: ATMs were out of money
MsHouston: this guy in Galveston couldn't find a place to put his dogs, so he shot them all
MsHouston: i guess he didn't want them to drown.. so he shot them ... he panicked
MsHouston: lots of people got robbed, the evacuees from LA have caused a major crime rate increase in Houston
MsHouston: rapes, muggings, stabbing.. shootings.. its nasty down here
MsHouston: its gotten chaotic... thats my word to describe it all. Panic and chaos.
MsHouston: its very scary... but its been an experience


They Return

After spending about a month in Chile, my parents and sister returned from their vacation. I had to pick then up from the airport early this morning. On a Saturday anything before noon, I consider to be early. I make it to JFK at about 9AM and pull up to the arrival terminal just as they are exiting the building. Timing is crucial when picking up someone at the airport, since you are not allowed to park your vehicle and wait. If the person is not there outside, the guards make you move and are forced to circle around half the airport to drive up to the terminal again, hoping your party is waiting outside. It was good seeing my family again. We loaded up the car and headed home. Once home we had tea and coffee along with some fresh bread straight from Chile. The bread in Chile is very good, and comes in a wide variety of styles. Unlike here in the States, bread is bought fresh daily or every other day in Chile. People basically only buy what they will be eating, it is not unusual for bread to be bought early in the morning for breakfast, and again after work for 'once' (what we call lunch, but eaten at dinner time). We ending up spending a lot of time together talking about their vacation. Now I will just relax for the next few hours and when we all get together again for dinner, I'm sure I'll be hearing more about the trip.


Friday Night Review

Friday :
I was told about a party going on at night, but being the procrastinator that I am, that by the time I decided to start getting ready, I was informed that there actually was no party. Apparently the party was for the following week. I needed to wake up early the next morning, so everything worked out in my best interest.


As if I am not addicted to enough content on the internet and on my pc, I just added one more to the list. This is not anything new, but to me it is, a simple game by the name of 'Snood'. A friend of mine mentioned it to me over an AIM conversation, and I became curious as to what the game was all about. Within minutes of installing the game, I instantly became hooked. Time flew by, never really knowing how long I played this game trying to improve my previous high score. If anyone else is even thinking of downloading this game... STOP! Step away from your computer and walk away, fast. Say NO, then Go, and Tell someone you trust.



It is over for the Mets to make it into the post season this year. The saying still holds true 'there's always next year'. At one point in the season the saying had turned into 'next year is now'. As a young kid I used to watch baseball all the time, it was the only major sport that I enjoyed watching and actually understood. It wasn't until I grew up a little that I started to pay attention to basketball and football. If it was not for 'Tecmo Bowl' I doubt I would have ever understood the game of football. To me it simply was a bunch of guys chaotically hitting each other as hard as possible. Time would pass and my passion for the sport of baseball would slowly diminish. I no longer would know random players' stats and other details. No longer would I know the entire starting lineup and all of the bench players. Baseball became a sport I would not watch until my team made it to the playoffs or was in the pennant race. The most I would do is pick up a paper and check the current standings. I wasn't true to my sport of choice and began getting more interested other sports. I had a fling with basketball for about eight years or so. She was good to me, I cannot lie. Eventually my favorite team and coach all went in different directions, and the sport would never be the same to me. During this time I also flirted with football. We took things slow for a long time, never getting too involved. Two things happened this year. First I reunited with my first love, baseball. Not sure if it was the peanuts or the cracker jacks, but the magic had returned, and we will never part ways again. The second thing to happen was that my slow romance with football had turned into a full blown affair. I spend Wed. though Sat. thinking about the coming games each Sunday. And there is nothing like Monday Night Football with a few cold ones. The way I see it there is no conflict of interest, as baseball leaves, football enters.


Myth Busters

Being that in the description of this blog, I write that this is a place for those needing a little procrastination, I have found something that should keep you bust for quite a while. One of my favorite television channels is the Discovery Channel. There are a few programs which I enjoy watching, one of them being Myth Busters. The premise of the show is to either prove or debunk various misconceptions and urban myths. What they do is reconstruct a certain myth scenario and use various experiments to see if they are true or purely myth. Once you get past the strangeness of the hosts, its an entertaining show to watch.

This is where the procrastination part of this kicks in.
Complete Episode Guide


New Blogs

The following are two blogs that I have just discovered today. They are both very new, meaning they contain just one or two entries. The first is a technology related blog, brought to us by the same people who have blessed the internet with digg.com. The second is an art related blog, created by an artist friend of mine, also responsible for Red Cielo. Hope you enjoy the blogs I present to you today, as much as you enjoy reading my own words.

digg the blog
redcielo blog


New Speak

At times my mind tends to work faster than my mouth. What happens is that my mind takes a sentence that is formed and puts it aside in temporary holding until needed for speech. At times this temporary holding area gets very cluttered and some data (words) become corrupt. Besides just containing data, that part of my mind is also constantly searching for alternate words to use, and reforming sentences for optimal results. The error occurs when the stored sentence is called upon to be spoken in the middle of the process of optimization. The erroneous output (what I actually say) takes the form of two words combined into one. Both words can independently be placed in the sentece making perfect sense, but once combined into one word, the results can be varied and unpredictable.

I give to you the following examples:

gool = good + cool
"hey, thats gool!"

sunny = silly + funny
"your so sunny"


No experiment tonight

I forgot to write a blog while intoxicated. Mainly because I was only slightly intoxicated and not really drunk, I decided to save the experiment for another day. Once I got home I made use of my free nights and weekends. And after that was over, I gave in and made the call many people had told me to make. It wasn't that bad at all. So now I can not get blamed for not calling a friend in four months.


nyc Bloggers

For a little over a week I joined a web site called 'nyc bloggers'. The reasons are beyond obvious, I happen to be a blogger and secondly I live in New York City. It is a way to find and link to other bloggers who happen to be in the city. One of the really nice features that the site has is that you can search for blogs based on what subway line the blogger is from. To be even more specific, you are able to narrow your search down to the specific subway stop. I am sure many of you would also be interested in this website, so what I have done is included a button on the sidebar that links to the subway line I live near. In life when we encounter someone new, instantly we look for a common grounds in order to better relate to each other... with 'nyc bloggers' our geographical location becomes our common ground. Take some time and click away, there might be other blogs from New York City bloggers that piques your interest.


i did IT

Today I did something I have never done before in this country. In my whole life I have only done this once or twice before, but on foreign soil. Overseas I had no reservations about doing this, since I was for one thing a foreigner and secondly a complete stranger. There was not another human being for thousands of miles that knew who I was, so I felt safe in doing this and not being seen doing it. Today I decided it was time I do it here, and so I did. I took a short drive to the location, and did the deed. I bravely approached the window and asked for one ticket to the 5:30 showing. Yes, this was the first time I attend a moving picture alone and it was a talkie as most are these days. The ironic part about the whole experience is that the protagonist in the movie and myself had something in common. By the time it was all over we had both done something for the first time in our lives. For him the act was sex, for myself it was attending a movie alone for the first time in this country. He waited 40 years to boldly go where he had never gone before, while on the other hand I only waited 29 years to go alone. Now that I have done this once, doing it again should prove to be quite easy. I used to think there was something wrong with people who show up to see a movie alone. Now that I became one of them, I realize that there is nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, eating alone at a restaurant is a lot more strange. And just like watching a movie alone, I have only dined alone overseas.



I believe in many things and have a wide variety of ideas. Some ideas fall into various categories such as: simple, practical, observational, physical, abstract, random, social, political, religious, improbable, meta-physical, and mental. Sometimes in life people just live mindlessly from day to day locked in safe and stable routines. Those are the kind whose minds do not expand to experience the entire world around them. Perhaps they are conformed to read their newspapers in the morning as they rush to be on time for a job they are miserable in. Its 5PM, clocks are punched and the mindless zombies return home to blankly stare at television screens flashing unattainable fantasies. These people are so blind and cold to the world surrounding then, that the winning numbers to the lottery can be shown to them and would still not get a single number correct at the nightly drawing. What one needs to do is see and feel and experience life with more than ones own two eyes, the entire self, physical and otherwise must seek to be aware. We are constantly surrounded by omens throughout our lives. Some are blatant and other much more subtle. There have been times when I have been fortunate to experience these omens, which are more than mere coincidence, if there is even such a thing. The omens I refer to are not in the form of some supernatural phenomenon, but more subtle indications telling me that what ever current course of action I am taking is the right one for me at that moment in time. It is more of a reassurance that things are going to be fine. Other types of omens, I feel, are suggestions to further explore a particular direction of thought or action which will be of benefit to the self. Let me give an example to possible clarify this further. A person needs to decide between going to Buffalo or Cleveland, they watch a movie and it takes place in Buffalo, they check their mail and receive a flyer from the local zoo showcasing a new buffalo exhibit, they go to eat and bison burgers are the special of the day, these are beyond your typical subtle omens indicating which city is a better choice, it is a hit over the head. Most of the time this is not the case. The more we are aware of everything around us, the more receptive we can become to correctly identify the many omens placed in our path to help us out in life.


Game 69

How should I start to explain today's title? Should I even try to explain it, or perhaps let you come to your own little conclusions? Is it possible to write an entire blog full of open ended questions? Is anyone getting frustrated reading this? The time has come to shed a little light on the topic at hand. As opposed to what some may have thought, there are no sexual connotations in today's title. If those were my intentions, I would probably pick up a few more loyal readers. What 'Game 69' simply is, is the 69th Mets game at Shea Stadium this season. On this 13th day (my favorite number) of September I joined a few of my friends for a night out enjoying America's favorite pastime, baseball. Although we rooted for the home team, no peanuts nor Cracker Jacks were had. What we did have we lots of laughs and an overall good time. The Mets fifteen game winning streak will start tomorrow, because today winning was not part of the plan.

One last (rhetorical) question:
What is a dingle berry?


Away Messages

The weekend is mostly over. The weekend will be officially over at the close of tonight's Monday Night Football game. It is possible that I celebrate the longest weekend every week, spanning from Thursday though Monday, not a bad deal if you ask me.

I found out earlier today that I was mentioned in someone's blog, so let me share that with you.
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During the day, when I have a little, I fire up my AIM and get into conversation with friends. Wait, I lied. I always have AIM on, but many times it is minimized and don't look at it. One thing that never fails is that about half of my contacts have an away message. So what do I do, I read them. But it is a little more than just reading one or two, it becomes a borderline OCD situation, causing me to read each and every away message. I even read the profiles of those not away. Some are boring, using the default message or a simple 'brb'. Some are informative, providing details on upcoming events or special occasions. Others are more entertaining, witty, humorous, interesting and actually worth reading. The following are some of the better ones that I have ran across this afternoon:
  • Another day, another bill to pay...
  • Out and about fighting the forces that be, Holla back because I'm taking no prisoners
  • I'm Out... With Who?... Wouldn't You LOVE To Know...
  • Im out, as in not here, not around and basically just not not next to da muthafucking comp. so pray and i will answer
  • Oh Happy Days...........................................
  • Outside mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, and a lot of other shit.... I love being home!!! LOL!!



And on the seventh day, I too rested.

Please take a moment to think of all your loved ones.

Good Night.



Today is Saturday. Everyday should be a Saturday. I mean it is a really good day to enjoy all 24 hours of it. There are no reasons to wake up early, but if you would like to, you can. Most people do not have to go to work, unless you are unemployed and never go to work. Most people do not have to go to work the next day, and are able to stay up to all hours of the night. I tend to stay up too late a little too often, its something that I am still working to improve. And while on the subject of improving, driving home from Karma tonight a few new blog ideas floated into my not so simple brain. My dilemma at this moment as I write is 'should I share my ideas... or just surprise everyone?' Being that I have gained a few faithful readers I think it would be in my best interest to share with you my ideas. It was a short ride home so I only have about two ideas.

Idea number 1: one day just break away from the writing style you have all been accustomed to and write a blog while drunk. I think it would be funny to try to decipher my drunken ramblings. Basically it would be a blog version of a drunk phone call people make and wish they had not. I know at least one reader that has been witness to me making a drunk phone call.

Idea number 2: this one might be slightly less exciting, but for a full day or a major part of it, I will blog hourly and write and photograph my day. Having a laptop would make this a lot easier, so perhaps it is something I need to work on to be able to give a more realistic feel of what a day in my life is like. Having only a desktop pc, I would be limited to things I do around the house = very boring.

Well my Saturday is officially over, the Jam on it Poetry event that I talked about a few days ago was great. I had a nice time hanging out at Karma with some friends for a birthday celebration. The ride home was productive. And after all that, I had enough energy to write a few words for all to read. Good night - visit often.



Just wanted to inform all of my readers that all of my current photos on the Flickr website are now published under the Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike-License. I'm sure that most of you know what a Creative Commons license is or at least might have heard of it. If you have been living in a cave and not up to date on the latest trends of our time, feel free to catch up by going to their website or read the wiki. But in short, Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization offering a flexible copyright for creative work.


Here a blog, There a blog.

It seems that more and more I am noticing that people either have a blog or just recently created one. I know that I am guilty of influencing at least one person in creating their own blog. Now if they could only write to it a little more often, it would be great. Just today, in one of my many emails someone had sent the server a link to his blog. It was a new one so there was nothing to read, at least not yet. Also today, another of my mainly online friends sent me a link to read a few of her blog entries, one was humorous and the other one was a horror story of sorts. There are maybe another two or so blogs that I read from time to time, they are not updated daily so I never really miss anything.

The ironic part about this while blog business is that I never considered myself much of a writer nor a story teller, and I currently find myself maintaining a blog which I write to on a daily basis. Perhaps the most difficult part is just to get started and developing the habit. Once the habit is formed it begins to turn into an addiction. There are days when I have trouble even composing one sentence, and once I do complete the sentence, I rewrite it a few more times. I have relaxed somewhat and do not reread my entry over and over until each word and line is perfect, I have started to allow for a certain degree of imperfection.

Being consistent can be a challenge at times. I have always had at least two voices, not the ones that tell me to do bad things, but more like situational voices. What I mean is this, when I write, whether on this blog or in some other formal manner, I do my best to employ correct spelling, grammar, structure and so on. If someone were to ever hear me speak in person, they would hear a few different voices. The workplace voice, the at home voice, the street voice, and the list goes on. I believe there is a place and time for everything, and myself am among those that can act accordingly. By having a variety of voices one can increase their own personal network by being able to relate to a wide range of people. People tend to trust strangers more when they feel they are in some way similar to themselves.

Hope you have something to think about tonight. I look forward to reading any comments on any of my ramblings.

Arcade Games in your Browser

Today I offer something entertaining. For all those that enjoyed playing classic arcade games. Here is a site that contains some of those quarter munching games, playable right in your web browser. Give it a try and enjoy.

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Today was a busy day. I was in Queens, Nassau, and Brooklyn by the time my day was over.

Besides the fact that my home is in Queens, my night ended in the opposite end of Queens. I found myself playing poker, eating pizza, and drinking a few beers. Unfortunately Lady Luck was not with me this evening, which is the reason I failed to place in the top three winning positions. Perhaps my luck is not with games of chance but elsewhere, now I need to discover what that is.

There is nothing worse than driving during rush hour. Today I was driving through what should have been very heavy traffic, but probably due to extremely high gas prices getting to Nassau was a lot smoother than expected. It seems that there are less cars on the highways these days. The only reason I found myself driving to Long Island in the heart of rush hour was the fact that I needed to find an open post office. I had important paperwork that needed to be mailed out and by postmarked with today's date and the post office in Roosevelt Field Mall stays open to 8PM. After completing my transactions, I had to make a few calls to confirm that everything was set for a much needed night of poker.

After having played phone tag the night before, I needed to head out to Brooklyn this afternoon. I was heading over to meet up with one of my old college friends who currently goes by the name of Jive Poetic. Once there I bought a few tickets for this Saturday's show 'Welcome to Jam Rock', which if it is anything like the last show will also be great. For anyone who enjoys spoken word, I suggest you try to make it out to this show or any other show that Jam On It Poetry presents. Time flew by fast as Jive and I laughed and reminisced about our old college days. After catching up and talking about possible future projects, it was time for me to hit the road. I really hoped there would not be too much traffic on my way to the post office.



UPDATE: I have turned on word verification, due to increase comment spam. As if email spam is not enough. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Well after having such a great Labor Day Weekend, full of energy and life, today is a different story. I was depleted of energy today, my batteries were drained. Perhaps I should have retained some of that energy for the remainder of the week, but I have no regrets. Today I overslept had did not get to do a few things I had planned. I needed to get out of the house and do something or else I might have lost my mind. One thing that I needed to do was to fix the backyard fence, so I headed into the garage to get what I needed. Having the proper tools in hand I proceeded to repair the damages to the fence. Realizing that today was Tuesday, I called my friend from across the street and made plans to head over to Hooters and watch the Mets game. Luckily Tuesdays wings are half price, making the whole experience much more pleasurable. I really just go there for the wings, I'm a big fan of Buffalo wings and Hooters is just the closest place where I can find decent wings. Don't get me wrong, its not just the wings that are good, there are televisions all over the place showing live sports and the selection of beers isn't bad either. Today I drank a couple of Yuengling beers, you should try one for yourself, I did. Also worth mentioning are the free re-fills on sodas. So overall this is a great place to eat and have a refreshing beverage. I think that about sums it up. Well there is just one more thing that draws me to Hooters like a bug to a bright light in the summer, the famous Hooter girls. At one point I had turned my head to look at the game and I actually said 'Oh wow' out loud after laying my eyes on one of the girls that I had never seen working there before. Usually I am a lot more subtle when observing but this time I just thought out load. No one besides my friend heard me, so having an embarrassing moment was avoided.

Sometimes I wonder how our world would be if we were completely honest when telling people how or what we think of them. Its just something I would like you to think about. Until next time, be safe.



I need to start off by saying that I am aware that my entries have been slightly delayed, and I offer my sincerest apologies. This was a holiday weekend, so I'm hoping that you also have not been around. Now without any further ado, I present you with my Sunday in review.

To start off, I awoke unusually early for a weekend day off. By 11AM I was up and fully awake. Today I have an engagement party to attend around 3 in the afternoon, so I have time to watch the Mets game on television. The person getting married is one of my oldest friends which I have known since the fifth grade. For 19 years we have known each other and remained in constant contact, even if as of late we only see each other a few times a year.

Once I got there, besides my friend and his fiancee everyone else for the most part was a stranger, mostly family and co-workers from both sides. But there was nothing to complain about, the weather was perfect and there was plenty of home cooked food and beverages. So what did I do? I ate and had a few beers to help me get over my cold. Soon afterwards some familiar faces showed up instantly livening up the mood, mine at least. I was unusually talkative, and at the same time it seemed as if I could not say anything wrong even if I tried. Our conversations were entertaining and funny, I myself being guilty of causing some of our laughs. As all thing must end, eventually the engagement party was over. On my way home, I realized that I was feeling very energized and alive. It has been a while since I have had this great feeling that makes you glad to be alive.

Filled with energy, I could not just go home and fire up my pc. Well actually I did, but just to mapquest directions to a birthday BBQ that I went to. Once there it was more fun and positive energy. In attendance were more good friends that I grew up with since the age of 10. Considering the fact that we all seem to go our own ways in our personal lives, we often get together for birthdays and other festivities. Food and laughter was plentiful, with several digital cameras capturing every moment. It was a birthday party, it was a BBQ, and it was a holiday weekend which can only lead to one thing. Drinking games! I was taught how to play 'flip cup' and I must say that I caught on quite quickly. It is definitely a game that I will look forward to playing many times in my life. Here is a little proof that I was having a great time : pic. Being too late and slightly intoxicated, the safest thing to do was to stay the night and drive home in the morning.



Today was a good day. Read all about it in tomorrow's entry.


Tech Shows

From time to time I will share with you information on various topics. Although I know what you really want to read are my experiences and thoughts, the information I will link to is of interest to me. In actuality, you are learning about this person that is me, but indirectly. Enjoy the read.

This is a list of the best free downloadable tech shows currently available on the Internet. This site will be regularly updated with new shows and information.

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We grown up around war. We read about it in our textbooks, we see it in the news, and we hear about it from people who were actually there. Amongst my various interests, the subject of war is included in that long list of topics.

One of my favorite novels that uses war as the backdrop is 'All Quiet on the Western Front' written by Erich Maria Remarque. I recommend for anyone interested in the subject to read it, but be warned some depictions of the front lines are graphic. Another military book which I also highly recommend is Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War.' Time to make a small confession, I have never actually read 'The Art of War', but I did listen to the audio book.

Now lets move away from books and start to head in the direction of the title of today's blog, WWII. For the last few years one of the most popular first person shooters has been 'Battlefield 1942' which is set in WWII. Also worth mention are its sequels 'Battlefield: Vietnam' and 'Battlefield 2'. These games give the player a realistic feel for being involved in combat including locations of famous battles, accurate weapons and vehicles. This game is highly addictive, causing me and other players to stay up a lot later then expected when engaged in combat.

Everything is fun and games until you turn on the history channel and you see real footage of the same battles you were playing on the night before. They are very interesting to watch if you are into the history of WWII. You get to see the planes flown and the weapons used, often times there are interview with veterans offering their first hand experiences. Another excellent resource for information and entertainment involving WWII has been watching the 'Band of Brothers' dvd. If you have the time, go rent the series, it is definitely worth a watch.

All I am trying to say is that sometimes what we think is purely fun and entertainment, has another side to it. That other side sometimes is called real life and it is nothing to take lightly. War is a serious matter and although many times they are necessary, they come at a great loss for all involved.