Geek Speak

If you ever use any of the following expressions and know what they mean, you are either spending too much time on the internet, or as the title implies, you are a geek.

1337, own3d, pwnd, noob, h4xor, imho, lol, lmao, idk, gui, digg, twit, btw, brb, pr0n, teh, a/s/l, ttyl, np, dl, irc, jk, wtf, lurker, mmorpg, omg, VoIP, warez, wysiwyg, addy, pic.

This list is by no means complete, but they are some of the more common ones. The ones most common are the ones we use in everyday IM conversations where everything is abbreviated as much as possible and misspelling and grammatical errors are commonplace. As seen in this small list of words, numbers are often times used to represent letters. Using numbers to represent letters is an old practice. In the days before everyone had cell phones we used small rectangular devices called pagers, and by looking at the screen upside down the numbers formed words. In case you are not sure what any of the words mean, scroll down to the bottom of this site and google it.


No Pain, No Gain

There is something I must admit. I have not been keeping up with my workout plans for the summer. About a year ago, I studied aikido which is a Japanese martial art. I trained in aikido for over six months, but due to situations out of my control, I was unable to continue my training. The workout was intense, especially when I would take two classes back to back. IMO (In My Opinion) aikido is superior to other martial arts in many ways, none of which I will delve into at this moment. Currently I am not a member of any gyms and I seriously doubt that I will become a member of any anytime in the near or distant future. About a year or so ago, I had some issues with a major chain of workout facilities, so they will never again get my money. Reminds me of a lyric in a Biggie song, 'Damn niggas wanna stick me for my papers.' Ok, now back to the story. My workout plan consisted of sit ups, push ups and running. For some strange reason a few months back I developed pain in my right shoulder. My range of motion was highly limited and painful, which caused me to completely stop doing push ups until whatever is wrong heals itself. Currently my range of motion has improved tremendously and the pain is decreased as well. Now when it comes down to the running part of my workout plan, I have a treadmill out in the garage. A huge plus is that in rain or snow, I can still go for my daily runs. The downside is that with the humidity we have been having for most of the summer, I would probably pass out and die if I tried running in the garage. And since like most people, I do not have a morbid desire to die while working out, I opted to just wait until the summer heats begin to die down. So that brings me to today, I have broken the chains of procrastination and just yesterday I went for my first run in months. It was no easy task, everything was on fire, my lungs,stomach and legs. Today is my day of recovery and tomorrow I will be ready to continue my mission. Wish me luck and keep me honest.


My Eye

Here is a close up shot of my eye. Don't worry I can't see you. This shot was just a little something that I was playing around with in Photoshop. I have always liked seeing photographs that are both color and black and white at the same time. I thought if they can do it, so can I. I'm looking forward to reading the comments about my first attempt at combining color and black and white. Thanks for your visit, and tune in again tomorrow.


Summer Days

August is coming to an end, along with the summer. I must say that thus far my summer months have been quite enjoyable. I have not done any traveling or even left the state, but I can't complain. The weather has been nice and warm and it has not rained too much either. I have gone to the beach a few times, probably not as much as I need since I am color impaired. I have spent time hanging out with new and old friends, which is good anytime of year. Attending a few BBQs is always something that makes a summer complete. One new thing this summer has been my trips to the park with friends, sometimes just for a walk or talk and even for an orchestral concert one night. And what is a summer without a few weddings to attend, I myself will have attended three by the time this summer is over. It would have been four, but due to conflicting schedules, I was not able to attend one. I hope I am not leaving anything out, but if I am, I can always just make a small addition to this post. But in the meantime, thanks for reading and have a good night.



Word of Advice:
DO NOT answer the phone in the middle of the night.
Do let them leave a message, and call them back after waking up.

Small List of Things That Make Me Not Happy:
  • False advertisement - If you say its fillet mignon, serve it, not fillet midog
  • Weak drinks - There are days I want to not walk in a straight line and slur my words, let it be my choice.
  • Bad chefs - Medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done are all different, they should not all look the same, a little blood never hurt anyone.

This blog business is almost like having a part time job. With small differences, I actually enjoy writing here every day, and I do not get paid. I set my own hours here and have no one to report to except myself. So does all this make me a writer?


Just a Little Off the Top

Well the week is coming to an end, and the next few days are going to be somewhat hectic. To begin with there are about three events going on tonight all around the same time and ideally I would like to attend all three. We all know that is not going to happen. Tonight I have to take my family to the airport for their month long trip to Chile. To be more specific I need to take them to the airport at 4AM. To top off everything I have a wedding to attend in the morning. Guess who will not be sleeping tonight? You guessed it, me. In order to do any of these things I first need to walk myself over to the barber shop and get a cut. Its good being a guy and only have to spend $10 plus tip for a decent haircut. After getting a haircut I always find myself in a better mood, more positive and happier. And as long as the haircut is good, I feel rejuvenated and unstoppable. Well maybe not unstoppable, but I think you know what I mean. Now what make this whole experience more interesting, is the fact that just a few short years ago I went for over 12 months without getting a single cut. I just did it to see what it would be like. Right now, I highly doubt that I would ever in the near future try that out again, but I cannot promise anything.


My Day in Review

Well today I am going to keep this short. I started off my day running errands. Followed it up with an 'American' style bbq. When I say 'American' I mean, hot dogs, burgers, and beers. Not your typical Latin style bbq which includes steak, chicken, corn, rice, salad, potato salad.... well you get the picture. In any case I had a good time. I did take a time out to go get my good friend from the airport. After that it was back to the bbq, or what was left of it just in time for a few rounds of tequila shots and more beer. Eventually it was just three of us having a conversation about life, death, relations, friendships and loyalty.

I do want to add one thing; I am glad it has not taken two heart attacks for me to appreciate waking up and being alive.

Good night my friends.



Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh my! Although the Wizard of Oz is a great movie, as is The Dark Side of Oz, that is not what I am referring to today. Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the world famous Bronx Zoo. I'm not too sure about the 'world famous' part, but let us pretend it is. It was an afternoon out with the family and I was the driver. Driving was not a problem at all, traffic was surprisingly light, so getting there was a breeze. The drive back was not as smooth, heavy traffic trying to exit the parking lot, but afterwards traffic was once again cooperative. With regards to weather it was great, nice and warm, low humidity, clear skies, light breezes; you could not have asked for a better day. One word of advice if you decide to go to the zoo, be prepared to walk a lot. The place is huge and in one afternoon it is almost impossible to see everything. Needless to say, we did not see it all, but what we did see was fun. Here is a link to view the pics I took:

Zoo Pics

Due to maintenance, I was not allowed to photograph the liger den. Maybe next time. But I do hope you did enjoy the pics that you did see. It had been many years since my last trip to a zoo and it felt good to go back. I got into 'little kid' mode walking around, looking at the map, planning what to see next. Constantly I found myself walking ahead of the group, eager to make it to the next exhibit. In case you are wondering, the answer is 'No, I did not ride the camel.' Seriously though, after riding an elephant though the jungles of Thailand, a 2 minute ride on a camel just is not very appealing. Well this place gets my seal of approval 100%. Who knows where my next wild life experience will be, perhaps the New York Aquarium.


I Can Fly

I just discovered that I can fly. Well in my dreams at least. I along with about four other friends were in some soft of apartment building sub-basement. The place seemed to be on fire and one wall was made of lava. Along the left wall there were a few steel doors that would randomly open from time to time. One the guys dove in while the door opened to go find missing people. Apparently there were a lot of people all over the place that needed to be saved. Meanwhile, back in the main room the other three guys started disputing over how to get out. As the arguing increased 'shadow' versions of those involved started to emerge from the lava. Needless to say that would have meant a whole lot more trouble for us. So then I shouted out 'Yo, shut up and just relax!' As we all calmed ourselves down, the emerging dark figures subsided back into the wall of lava, and completely disappeared once we were totally relaxed. At this point we were able to leave this sub-basement and move on. I found about three of the missing, grabbed a hold of them, and then just flew though a labyrinth of hallways finding my way to safety. I ran right back into the building as some of my other friends were coming out with more of the missing. At this point there was no fire or evil forces at play, but the building was in very bad condition, some floors and walls were missing all over the place. Somewhere in this mess I run into a crowd, and I am being questioned as to how I was able to fly. At this point I took time to explain that I just needed to focus within and just take off. Very similar to how Neo was able to avoid bullets and slow time.

This really was the dream I had last night, I can't make stuff like this up. Late night scary movies and things of that nature do not affect my sleep or dreams. Unfortunately I was not watching a scary movie before bed, it was real life. The National Geographic Channel had a special on 9/11 with minute by minute account of the events, including interviews, people's accounts of what they saw, and a lot of footage. I must have been traumatized. I'm ok now, so don't worry.


Passing Tests

Having something interesting to write each and every single day is not as easy as it might seem at first. Of course one can give an hour by hour replay of a day's events, but I highly doubt anyone's day can be that incredibly exciting. If a person's day was so full of adventure, I'm sure that last thing on their minds is to rush home and sit in front of a computer documenting everything they went though. So if for some reason I miss a day without posting, guess what, I had an amazingly exciting and fun filled day and will have to fill you all in on the details in the days to follow.

Talking with a friend of mine today on AIM, I had an interesting thought. Our conversation was in regards to passing an exam he had taken. I asked 'so how did you do?' and he responded 'I barely passed.' The actual score was not known, but it made me think of doctors. All we know is that they have passed and graduated from medical school. The thing we do not know is whether they passed with flying colors, or just met all the minimum requirements. Once its all over they are both just doctors. I just hope I never need serious medical attention, because I will be thinking 'is this the brains of the class, or the class clown messing with my life?'

Small List of Things That Make Me Not Happy:
  • Idiotic Drivers : If you are going to make a right turn, DO NOT signal left.
  • Premature Signalers : When you signal a turn, make the turn at the nearest intersection, NOT four stop signs later.
  • Spammers : They need to be shot.
  • Loud Chewers : We are humans not cows, when you eat, close your mouth, no one wants to see or hear you.


Google It

As you know by now I can always be found on AIM, and this is what my profile says 'Don't ask me anything. Just Google it.' Of course I am not completely serious, I am always available for dialog. There are many search engines throughout the internet, but Google is the safest bet when you really need to find something. Besides being an effective tool, it has become part of our everyday vocabulary, people do not say 'Do a search on the internet', 'Find it on Yahoo!', 'Use MSN search'; what people will say is 'Google it'. There is not a day in which I do not use it, so being the nice guy I am, I have included a Google search bar at the very bottom of my blog. Take a few minutes and give it a try, just come back in a little while and finish reading.

Things Happen For a Reason

Welcome back. To quote a good friend of mine 'God is good.' All I want to say is that things always work out for the best, and most often we do not understand the hows and whys until much later, if at all. We as people all have dreams and goals, and are constantly planning and making plans for our futures. Let me give an example of what happened to me just yesterday. For weeks now I had been planning to attend a fund raising event in the Bronx. I am good friends with a few of the people that were involved, and I told them to expect to see me there. I was looking forward to Saturday knowing my day was mostly planned out. Things didn't exactly work out that way, far from it to be honest. To start off, I did not get any sleep the night before, more like a series of small naps. Being the good brother that I usually am, I was up all night taking care of baby kittens, only days old, that my sister had rescued and was trying to nurse back into health. Needless to say I overslept and missed the fund raiser I was planning to attend from Noon-5PM. Still being tired I decided to take an afternoon nap that lasted until sometime after 5PM. Within moments I get a phone call from a fraternity brother offering me a ticket to the 7PM NY Mets game. It turns out one of his sisters backed out at the last minute and he did not want to see it go to waste, so I gladly volunteered to relieve him of the burden. Somehow I showered, dressed, ate, and traveled to Shea before the game started. The game was great, it did have a few snafus, but the Mets overcame their opponents and finish in extra innings with a win. And to make the victory even sweeter, right after the game, a concert took place on the field. Two bachata bands played and the entire place was going wild.

The bottom line here is that I did not get upset for missing an event that I had been planning to attend. Becoming upset would have brought unneeded negative energy to myself, and that is not good. Generally what we have planned for ourselves is not always what life has in store for us. I usually just go with the flow, maybe I'm just a lucky guy, who knows; but what I do know is that the day's events found a way to work themselves out in my favor.



Its the weekend so I think I will keep this one short, or try to at least. I just need to get a few thoughts out of the way. On my way home tonight, while sipping on my peach flavored green tea, I smiled to myself and thought 'its great not having any deadlines, I can post my blog anytime I feel like it.' Before I forget let me just say 'Thank You' to all my readers for leaving your comments and giving me feedback on this project. What helps to fuel my fire is knowing that someone in some corner of this small world we live in reads and has time to give feedback on my work. Just remember that all comments are anonymous, so don't be shy, let me know what you really think.

Before I call it a night, I just want to make you aware of the links on the right hand side of the screen. You have probably already clicked on them, but if you have not and are feeling a little adventurous, go ahead and look at my flickr site. From time to time I post my better or more interesting pics to that site. I am neither a professional nor an amateur digital photographer, I like to use the term 'amateur-amateur photographer'. So if you need a break from reading about my world, I invite you to see my world.


Tea Time

To all my faithful readers, there is something I must confess. I drink tea and like it. Now don't get me wrong, I still love a good cup of coffee, but there's just more competition to fulfill my thirst needs these days. I am not just talking about having tea at home, I'm talking about going out of my way to actually go drink it at a cafe. Now I'm sure there has to be a better word to describe that kind of establishment for the simple fact that tea is the main menu item along with some foods, no cafe anywhere. In the old days of the Arsenio Hall Show, this would be in the list of 'things that make you go hmmmmm.'

This is how this whole tea thing started... well actually I am leaving out a small detail, the tea I am referring to is bubble tea. For those that are clueless as to what bubble tea is, as I was, just click on the link and read their explanation, it is much better than mine would ever be. If you are like I was when learning about bubble tea, you are probably thinking all kinda of crazy things. I know I was. A recent friend of mine from Bingo had been telling me about this bubble tea since the first time we started chatting on IM. When we would hang out and chill I would continue to hear and learn more and more. After a while my curiosity took over and I found myself sitting down at Sago in Flushing with a glass of bubble tea. I can only imagine the look I must have had on my face, because I was honestly scared to try it. There were a few things pushing me to try it. My tea was cold (it is served either hot or cold) and outside was really hot, so I knew it might be refreshing. Secondly, you should know that bubble tea comes in a wide variety of flavors, and for my first attempt at having some I chose coconut, which is usually a flavor that I like. And lastly, I'm not one to front at the last minute. So just like getting into a swimming pool, the best approach is to just jump in, and thats what I did. Survey says 'ding, ding, ding' we have a winner. Well first sip was strange... I thought to myself 'this is different, not bad just different.' So then I sipped a little more and I thought 'this is kinda good.' When i finished drinking my bubble tea I thought 'so when am I coming back here again?'

Now I am almost a regular at Sago. Recently I have just been trying to sample the different flavor green teas. Haven't been disappointed yet, and they say green tea has many medicinal properties, so I will continue to drink my tea.


Sleep Issues

I'm trying something new these days. Wish me luck, it will be needed. Perhaps not luck, just more self discipline; in any case my situation is as follows. I have a bad habit of staying awake to all hours of the night. It is not a lack of not being either sleepy or tired, for if I was to lay in bed, I would slip into sleep shortly thereafter. The vices that keep me awake are television or internet. When it comes to television, I just find myself mindlessly surfing from show to show until I find something to capture my interest. When channel surfing doesn't seem to be the fix I need, a DVD will do the trick. For over a year I have been a member of Netflix, providing me with a steady source of entertainment. Now when it comes to internet, my vices are many. I'll touch upon these from time to time to greater length, but what takes priority and has subsequently become my main form of communication is AIM(AOL Instant Messenger). Before I go off on a tangent, let me return to the problem at hand, staying up too late. I am not the only one with this 'problem' a few of my fellow Mets fans can also be found up late as well. My plan is to take small steps and go to bed earlier and earlier each night, with a final goal to be in bed by 2 AM every night. Weekends are not included. Now I have a new dilemma... does my weekend start on Thursday or Friday.


New Start

So I finally decided to join the masses and start my own blog. Blogs have been around for quite some time now, not exactly sure for how long. But through the years their popularity has been increasing, and fast. The topics discussed in many blogs range in topic from 'a' through 'z', others on the other hand, are just a bunch of random thoughts, opinions, or self exploration. It should not be too difficult to see that this small corner of the internet will just be a random collection of my own thoughts, ideas, experiences, and things of personal interest to myself.

Why? Why do you have a blog? Who reads those things? What is the point? How can you just write... stuff? These were questions I had in regards to those who do have blogs and maintain them regularly. Originally I had no interest in having my own blog. Slowly I noticed that a few of my aquaintances had blogs of their own, and I would think 'Wow! Thats cool, but its just not for me.' This of course was many months ago... fast forward to a few weeks ago. One of my recent facebook friends sent me a link to their blog. That started to turn the little gears in my brain, but like many i suffer from a disease called procrastination, and nothing happened. Let us take one more step forward... to just a few nights ago. In the middle of a late night Verizon phone call, the topic of writing came up. In that call I mentioned how I have always had to idea of wanting to write a book, but never had anything more than a few ideas or a few paragraphs worth of material before burning out. The next day that little lightbulb turned on... and I thought a blog would be a great outlet for my random bursts of creative energy. I would not need to fill reams and reams of paper nor gigs of memory to tell a massive story, the way I see it, everyday contains many stories.

So please feel free to leave a comment. Hope your stay here was bearable. And visit as often as you like.