New Start

So I finally decided to join the masses and start my own blog. Blogs have been around for quite some time now, not exactly sure for how long. But through the years their popularity has been increasing, and fast. The topics discussed in many blogs range in topic from 'a' through 'z', others on the other hand, are just a bunch of random thoughts, opinions, or self exploration. It should not be too difficult to see that this small corner of the internet will just be a random collection of my own thoughts, ideas, experiences, and things of personal interest to myself.

Why? Why do you have a blog? Who reads those things? What is the point? How can you just write... stuff? These were questions I had in regards to those who do have blogs and maintain them regularly. Originally I had no interest in having my own blog. Slowly I noticed that a few of my aquaintances had blogs of their own, and I would think 'Wow! Thats cool, but its just not for me.' This of course was many months ago... fast forward to a few weeks ago. One of my recent facebook friends sent me a link to their blog. That started to turn the little gears in my brain, but like many i suffer from a disease called procrastination, and nothing happened. Let us take one more step forward... to just a few nights ago. In the middle of a late night Verizon phone call, the topic of writing came up. In that call I mentioned how I have always had to idea of wanting to write a book, but never had anything more than a few ideas or a few paragraphs worth of material before burning out. The next day that little lightbulb turned on... and I thought a blog would be a great outlet for my random bursts of creative energy. I would not need to fill reams and reams of paper nor gigs of memory to tell a massive story, the way I see it, everyday contains many stories.

So please feel free to leave a comment. Hope your stay here was bearable. And visit as often as you like.