No Pain, No Gain

There is something I must admit. I have not been keeping up with my workout plans for the summer. About a year ago, I studied aikido which is a Japanese martial art. I trained in aikido for over six months, but due to situations out of my control, I was unable to continue my training. The workout was intense, especially when I would take two classes back to back. IMO (In My Opinion) aikido is superior to other martial arts in many ways, none of which I will delve into at this moment. Currently I am not a member of any gyms and I seriously doubt that I will become a member of any anytime in the near or distant future. About a year or so ago, I had some issues with a major chain of workout facilities, so they will never again get my money. Reminds me of a lyric in a Biggie song, 'Damn niggas wanna stick me for my papers.' Ok, now back to the story. My workout plan consisted of sit ups, push ups and running. For some strange reason a few months back I developed pain in my right shoulder. My range of motion was highly limited and painful, which caused me to completely stop doing push ups until whatever is wrong heals itself. Currently my range of motion has improved tremendously and the pain is decreased as well. Now when it comes down to the running part of my workout plan, I have a treadmill out in the garage. A huge plus is that in rain or snow, I can still go for my daily runs. The downside is that with the humidity we have been having for most of the summer, I would probably pass out and die if I tried running in the garage. And since like most people, I do not have a morbid desire to die while working out, I opted to just wait until the summer heats begin to die down. So that brings me to today, I have broken the chains of procrastination and just yesterday I went for my first run in months. It was no easy task, everything was on fire, my lungs,stomach and legs. Today is my day of recovery and tomorrow I will be ready to continue my mission. Wish me luck and keep me honest.