Summer Days

August is coming to an end, along with the summer. I must say that thus far my summer months have been quite enjoyable. I have not done any traveling or even left the state, but I can't complain. The weather has been nice and warm and it has not rained too much either. I have gone to the beach a few times, probably not as much as I need since I am color impaired. I have spent time hanging out with new and old friends, which is good anytime of year. Attending a few BBQs is always something that makes a summer complete. One new thing this summer has been my trips to the park with friends, sometimes just for a walk or talk and even for an orchestral concert one night. And what is a summer without a few weddings to attend, I myself will have attended three by the time this summer is over. It would have been four, but due to conflicting schedules, I was not able to attend one. I hope I am not leaving anything out, but if I am, I can always just make a small addition to this post. But in the meantime, thanks for reading and have a good night.