Today I happen to wake up early and not wanting to go back to sleep I decide to make some plans. I make a call and soon afterwards I head out to my friend's place. Eventually we get moving and head out to a near by driving range. A driving range is not a place you go to learn or practice your driving skills, it is a place where you hit golf balls. I think I can count on my right hand the number of times that I have ever went to a driving range. I have improved somewhat from the first time I attempted to hit a small dimpled white ball to now. I still completely miss the ball at times. In addition there are also times that after making contact, the ball does not fly high in the sky as someone like Tiger would, but instead just rolls away. This is a sport full of many frustrations and intricately more complex than first appearances lead you to believe. It is a sport that you will hate because of its learning curve, or will intrigue you and keep you coming back for more punishment. If I continue to work on my swing and perhaps even take a lesson from a professional, the frustrations will begin to decrease. When my frustration levels decrease, my levels of enjoyment will increase. Wish me luck.


Word of the Day

It never hurts to learn something new, so I made a decision to learn a few new words. Although reading can be quite entertaining, reading through a dictionary is not how I want to spend my evenings. Taking it slow is probably the best way to proceed, so I have decided to learn and try to use one new word each day. I will not randomly open up the dictionary and blindly point to a word, someone else will do it for me. I should rephrase that, it will not be a person but a thing. There are a few ways to go about this, but being that we are living in an age of technology, I will let the internet choose my daily word. Google/ig is my home page, the page that is displayed when I fire up my favorite web browser. This start page is a portal, and very customizable to my specific needs. For example, I use it to display all my RSS feeds, my favorite links, news, weather, and even my email. The latest addition to my start page is 'Word of the Day'. Sometimes the daily word is new to me, or might be a word that when reading I just skip over. This should prove to be entertaining and informative at the same time. One thing to always keep in mind when using a new word, read a few sample sentences using that word. There is nothing that screams ignorance more than someone using a new word out of context. When properly used words should flow naturally, anything else simply comes out very awkward. When in doubt, leave it out.


Feed Burner

To my few loyal readers, some of which are friends, supporters, or haters, I have made your reading experience slightly more enjoyable. If you notice on the sidebar to the right of my blog entries there is a new button. If you click on the feed button you can subscribe to my blog, making it easier for you not to miss anything I write about. Keep reading and come back often. Good Night.

If you do subscribe to my feed, not only will you be informed of any updates to my blog, but you will also be informed when I add new pics to my flickr account as well.


How to Tie a Tie

Today's blog is hopefully going to be helpful to some of my readers. I know how to tie a tie only in one way, your basic simple knot. There are however a few more ways to tie a tie, for example there is the double-knot and a few others. So I present you with a link that takes you to a tutorial website explaining the various was to tie a tie. I hope this is helpful to those who want more than just way to tie a tie. Enjoy.


Brooklyn Lager

As an homage to diggnation, my Monday Night Football viewing experience is accompanied by tasting a new beer. Each week I go see the game at my friend's place on a plasma television screen. The idea is to take turns buying beers each week. The fun part is that we must buy a beer that neither of us has tasted before. This week it was my turn. The beer I chose to purchase this week was 'Brooklyn Lager' made by the Brooklyn Brewery. On their website you can read all about the brewery and the different varieties of brews they concoct. Overall I give this beer a thumbs down. To be perfectly honest neither of us were very fond of it at all. Only four out of six bottles were drank. It is definitely an acquired taste. What really stands out when drinking this beer is the bitterness. Just so everyone knows, I am by no means a beer connoisseur, and my palate is untrained to pick up the various nuances of the flavors of beer. The bitterness was a bit too strong while drinking and also in the aftertaste. It is however possible that these beers were not cold enough to be enjoyed to the fullest. I hope next week's beer is an improvement.

Warning : Key Food brand sour cream and onion potato chips have almost no flavor.


Hurricane Rita - First Hand News

We have all heard the various news reports before, during, and after the most recent hurricane named 'Rita'. I thought the major news networks had done a decent job at informing the population at large about what was happening in the Texas area affected by the storm. Apparently there is a lot more to the story that we do not hear about. I am fortunate to know someone from Houston, who did evacuate, and thankfully suffered no major loss. Tonight I was talking her on AIM and gave me some shocking accounts of what was really happening. I will refer to her as 'MsHouston'.

The following are the relevant parts of our conversation :

MsHouston: businesses are opening back up slowly... schools are closed til wed.
MsHouston: more ppl died on the roads trying to evacuate than the actual hurricane
MsHouston: ppl dying of heat exhaustion, inhaling carbon monoxide from being stuck in stand still traffic
MsHouston: running out of gas... all the gas stations were out in Houston.
MsHouston: it was chaotic I'm telling u
MsHouston: did u hear about that bus that burned with elderly ppl inside? 24 died?
MsHouston: my friends grandma was on the bus
MsHouston: she made it out.. is in critical condition.. she probably wont make it...
MsHouston: she inhaled burning fumes. and the insides of her lungs are burned.... its terrible
MsHouston: there was panic on the streets
MsHouston: ppl dropping off elderly in hospitals.. leaving them there for refuge... ppl dropping dead on the freeways in the stand still traffic of heat exhaustion
MsHouston: no gas, no water, no food
MsHouston: my sister is a resp. therapist for a hospital right beside interstate 10..she said ppl walking in dropping dead on the ground with their temps over 110
MsHouston: its disgusting
MsHouston: these ppl were stand still for hours
MsHouston: windows down to conserve gas.. inhaling fumes.. dying
MsHouston: a 5 hr drive from Houston to Dallas was taking ppl 36 hrs
MsHouston: ppl with children, pets, old ppl just sitting in hot ass cars...
MsHouston: the stores were empty
MsHouston: they opened all lanes of the highway heading north to ease traffic flow..... well now that the ppl are coming back, they think the lanes are all open coming south, and there have been tons of head on collisions
MsHouston: no gas.. the feds are checking out gas stations now, bc its rumored that the owners were holding back the gas
MsHouston: ppl selling one gallon of gas.... ONE GALLON for $60
MsHouston: and since the ppl were told to take money out. everyone had cash on them so they bought it
MsHouston: ATMs were out of money
MsHouston: this guy in Galveston couldn't find a place to put his dogs, so he shot them all
MsHouston: i guess he didn't want them to drown.. so he shot them ... he panicked
MsHouston: lots of people got robbed, the evacuees from LA have caused a major crime rate increase in Houston
MsHouston: rapes, muggings, stabbing.. shootings.. its nasty down here
MsHouston: its gotten chaotic... thats my word to describe it all. Panic and chaos.
MsHouston: its very scary... but its been an experience


They Return

After spending about a month in Chile, my parents and sister returned from their vacation. I had to pick then up from the airport early this morning. On a Saturday anything before noon, I consider to be early. I make it to JFK at about 9AM and pull up to the arrival terminal just as they are exiting the building. Timing is crucial when picking up someone at the airport, since you are not allowed to park your vehicle and wait. If the person is not there outside, the guards make you move and are forced to circle around half the airport to drive up to the terminal again, hoping your party is waiting outside. It was good seeing my family again. We loaded up the car and headed home. Once home we had tea and coffee along with some fresh bread straight from Chile. The bread in Chile is very good, and comes in a wide variety of styles. Unlike here in the States, bread is bought fresh daily or every other day in Chile. People basically only buy what they will be eating, it is not unusual for bread to be bought early in the morning for breakfast, and again after work for 'once' (what we call lunch, but eaten at dinner time). We ending up spending a lot of time together talking about their vacation. Now I will just relax for the next few hours and when we all get together again for dinner, I'm sure I'll be hearing more about the trip.


Friday Night Review

Friday :
I was told about a party going on at night, but being the procrastinator that I am, that by the time I decided to start getting ready, I was informed that there actually was no party. Apparently the party was for the following week. I needed to wake up early the next morning, so everything worked out in my best interest.


As if I am not addicted to enough content on the internet and on my pc, I just added one more to the list. This is not anything new, but to me it is, a simple game by the name of 'Snood'. A friend of mine mentioned it to me over an AIM conversation, and I became curious as to what the game was all about. Within minutes of installing the game, I instantly became hooked. Time flew by, never really knowing how long I played this game trying to improve my previous high score. If anyone else is even thinking of downloading this game... STOP! Step away from your computer and walk away, fast. Say NO, then Go, and Tell someone you trust.



It is over for the Mets to make it into the post season this year. The saying still holds true 'there's always next year'. At one point in the season the saying had turned into 'next year is now'. As a young kid I used to watch baseball all the time, it was the only major sport that I enjoyed watching and actually understood. It wasn't until I grew up a little that I started to pay attention to basketball and football. If it was not for 'Tecmo Bowl' I doubt I would have ever understood the game of football. To me it simply was a bunch of guys chaotically hitting each other as hard as possible. Time would pass and my passion for the sport of baseball would slowly diminish. I no longer would know random players' stats and other details. No longer would I know the entire starting lineup and all of the bench players. Baseball became a sport I would not watch until my team made it to the playoffs or was in the pennant race. The most I would do is pick up a paper and check the current standings. I wasn't true to my sport of choice and began getting more interested other sports. I had a fling with basketball for about eight years or so. She was good to me, I cannot lie. Eventually my favorite team and coach all went in different directions, and the sport would never be the same to me. During this time I also flirted with football. We took things slow for a long time, never getting too involved. Two things happened this year. First I reunited with my first love, baseball. Not sure if it was the peanuts or the cracker jacks, but the magic had returned, and we will never part ways again. The second thing to happen was that my slow romance with football had turned into a full blown affair. I spend Wed. though Sat. thinking about the coming games each Sunday. And there is nothing like Monday Night Football with a few cold ones. The way I see it there is no conflict of interest, as baseball leaves, football enters.


Myth Busters

Being that in the description of this blog, I write that this is a place for those needing a little procrastination, I have found something that should keep you bust for quite a while. One of my favorite television channels is the Discovery Channel. There are a few programs which I enjoy watching, one of them being Myth Busters. The premise of the show is to either prove or debunk various misconceptions and urban myths. What they do is reconstruct a certain myth scenario and use various experiments to see if they are true or purely myth. Once you get past the strangeness of the hosts, its an entertaining show to watch.

This is where the procrastination part of this kicks in.
Complete Episode Guide


New Blogs

The following are two blogs that I have just discovered today. They are both very new, meaning they contain just one or two entries. The first is a technology related blog, brought to us by the same people who have blessed the internet with digg.com. The second is an art related blog, created by an artist friend of mine, also responsible for Red Cielo. Hope you enjoy the blogs I present to you today, as much as you enjoy reading my own words.

digg the blog
redcielo blog


New Speak

At times my mind tends to work faster than my mouth. What happens is that my mind takes a sentence that is formed and puts it aside in temporary holding until needed for speech. At times this temporary holding area gets very cluttered and some data (words) become corrupt. Besides just containing data, that part of my mind is also constantly searching for alternate words to use, and reforming sentences for optimal results. The error occurs when the stored sentence is called upon to be spoken in the middle of the process of optimization. The erroneous output (what I actually say) takes the form of two words combined into one. Both words can independently be placed in the sentece making perfect sense, but once combined into one word, the results can be varied and unpredictable.

I give to you the following examples:

gool = good + cool
"hey, thats gool!"

sunny = silly + funny
"your so sunny"


No experiment tonight

I forgot to write a blog while intoxicated. Mainly because I was only slightly intoxicated and not really drunk, I decided to save the experiment for another day. Once I got home I made use of my free nights and weekends. And after that was over, I gave in and made the call many people had told me to make. It wasn't that bad at all. So now I can not get blamed for not calling a friend in four months.


nyc Bloggers

For a little over a week I joined a web site called 'nyc bloggers'. The reasons are beyond obvious, I happen to be a blogger and secondly I live in New York City. It is a way to find and link to other bloggers who happen to be in the city. One of the really nice features that the site has is that you can search for blogs based on what subway line the blogger is from. To be even more specific, you are able to narrow your search down to the specific subway stop. I am sure many of you would also be interested in this website, so what I have done is included a button on the sidebar that links to the subway line I live near. In life when we encounter someone new, instantly we look for a common grounds in order to better relate to each other... with 'nyc bloggers' our geographical location becomes our common ground. Take some time and click away, there might be other blogs from New York City bloggers that piques your interest.


i did IT

Today I did something I have never done before in this country. In my whole life I have only done this once or twice before, but on foreign soil. Overseas I had no reservations about doing this, since I was for one thing a foreigner and secondly a complete stranger. There was not another human being for thousands of miles that knew who I was, so I felt safe in doing this and not being seen doing it. Today I decided it was time I do it here, and so I did. I took a short drive to the location, and did the deed. I bravely approached the window and asked for one ticket to the 5:30 showing. Yes, this was the first time I attend a moving picture alone and it was a talkie as most are these days. The ironic part about the whole experience is that the protagonist in the movie and myself had something in common. By the time it was all over we had both done something for the first time in our lives. For him the act was sex, for myself it was attending a movie alone for the first time in this country. He waited 40 years to boldly go where he had never gone before, while on the other hand I only waited 29 years to go alone. Now that I have done this once, doing it again should prove to be quite easy. I used to think there was something wrong with people who show up to see a movie alone. Now that I became one of them, I realize that there is nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, eating alone at a restaurant is a lot more strange. And just like watching a movie alone, I have only dined alone overseas.



I believe in many things and have a wide variety of ideas. Some ideas fall into various categories such as: simple, practical, observational, physical, abstract, random, social, political, religious, improbable, meta-physical, and mental. Sometimes in life people just live mindlessly from day to day locked in safe and stable routines. Those are the kind whose minds do not expand to experience the entire world around them. Perhaps they are conformed to read their newspapers in the morning as they rush to be on time for a job they are miserable in. Its 5PM, clocks are punched and the mindless zombies return home to blankly stare at television screens flashing unattainable fantasies. These people are so blind and cold to the world surrounding then, that the winning numbers to the lottery can be shown to them and would still not get a single number correct at the nightly drawing. What one needs to do is see and feel and experience life with more than ones own two eyes, the entire self, physical and otherwise must seek to be aware. We are constantly surrounded by omens throughout our lives. Some are blatant and other much more subtle. There have been times when I have been fortunate to experience these omens, which are more than mere coincidence, if there is even such a thing. The omens I refer to are not in the form of some supernatural phenomenon, but more subtle indications telling me that what ever current course of action I am taking is the right one for me at that moment in time. It is more of a reassurance that things are going to be fine. Other types of omens, I feel, are suggestions to further explore a particular direction of thought or action which will be of benefit to the self. Let me give an example to possible clarify this further. A person needs to decide between going to Buffalo or Cleveland, they watch a movie and it takes place in Buffalo, they check their mail and receive a flyer from the local zoo showcasing a new buffalo exhibit, they go to eat and bison burgers are the special of the day, these are beyond your typical subtle omens indicating which city is a better choice, it is a hit over the head. Most of the time this is not the case. The more we are aware of everything around us, the more receptive we can become to correctly identify the many omens placed in our path to help us out in life.


Game 69

How should I start to explain today's title? Should I even try to explain it, or perhaps let you come to your own little conclusions? Is it possible to write an entire blog full of open ended questions? Is anyone getting frustrated reading this? The time has come to shed a little light on the topic at hand. As opposed to what some may have thought, there are no sexual connotations in today's title. If those were my intentions, I would probably pick up a few more loyal readers. What 'Game 69' simply is, is the 69th Mets game at Shea Stadium this season. On this 13th day (my favorite number) of September I joined a few of my friends for a night out enjoying America's favorite pastime, baseball. Although we rooted for the home team, no peanuts nor Cracker Jacks were had. What we did have we lots of laughs and an overall good time. The Mets fifteen game winning streak will start tomorrow, because today winning was not part of the plan.

One last (rhetorical) question:
What is a dingle berry?


Away Messages

The weekend is mostly over. The weekend will be officially over at the close of tonight's Monday Night Football game. It is possible that I celebrate the longest weekend every week, spanning from Thursday though Monday, not a bad deal if you ask me.

I found out earlier today that I was mentioned in someone's blog, so let me share that with you.
Click Here -> link

During the day, when I have a little, I fire up my AIM and get into conversation with friends. Wait, I lied. I always have AIM on, but many times it is minimized and don't look at it. One thing that never fails is that about half of my contacts have an away message. So what do I do, I read them. But it is a little more than just reading one or two, it becomes a borderline OCD situation, causing me to read each and every away message. I even read the profiles of those not away. Some are boring, using the default message or a simple 'brb'. Some are informative, providing details on upcoming events or special occasions. Others are more entertaining, witty, humorous, interesting and actually worth reading. The following are some of the better ones that I have ran across this afternoon:
  • Another day, another bill to pay...
  • Out and about fighting the forces that be, Holla back because I'm taking no prisoners
  • I'm Out... With Who?... Wouldn't You LOVE To Know...
  • Im out, as in not here, not around and basically just not not next to da muthafucking comp. so pray and i will answer
  • Oh Happy Days...........................................
  • Outside mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, and a lot of other shit.... I love being home!!! LOL!!



And on the seventh day, I too rested.

Please take a moment to think of all your loved ones.

Good Night.



Today is Saturday. Everyday should be a Saturday. I mean it is a really good day to enjoy all 24 hours of it. There are no reasons to wake up early, but if you would like to, you can. Most people do not have to go to work, unless you are unemployed and never go to work. Most people do not have to go to work the next day, and are able to stay up to all hours of the night. I tend to stay up too late a little too often, its something that I am still working to improve. And while on the subject of improving, driving home from Karma tonight a few new blog ideas floated into my not so simple brain. My dilemma at this moment as I write is 'should I share my ideas... or just surprise everyone?' Being that I have gained a few faithful readers I think it would be in my best interest to share with you my ideas. It was a short ride home so I only have about two ideas.

Idea number 1: one day just break away from the writing style you have all been accustomed to and write a blog while drunk. I think it would be funny to try to decipher my drunken ramblings. Basically it would be a blog version of a drunk phone call people make and wish they had not. I know at least one reader that has been witness to me making a drunk phone call.

Idea number 2: this one might be slightly less exciting, but for a full day or a major part of it, I will blog hourly and write and photograph my day. Having a laptop would make this a lot easier, so perhaps it is something I need to work on to be able to give a more realistic feel of what a day in my life is like. Having only a desktop pc, I would be limited to things I do around the house = very boring.

Well my Saturday is officially over, the Jam on it Poetry event that I talked about a few days ago was great. I had a nice time hanging out at Karma with some friends for a birthday celebration. The ride home was productive. And after all that, I had enough energy to write a few words for all to read. Good night - visit often.



Just wanted to inform all of my readers that all of my current photos on the Flickr website are now published under the Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike-License. I'm sure that most of you know what a Creative Commons license is or at least might have heard of it. If you have been living in a cave and not up to date on the latest trends of our time, feel free to catch up by going to their website or read the wiki. But in short, Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization offering a flexible copyright for creative work.


Here a blog, There a blog.

It seems that more and more I am noticing that people either have a blog or just recently created one. I know that I am guilty of influencing at least one person in creating their own blog. Now if they could only write to it a little more often, it would be great. Just today, in one of my many emails someone had sent the server a link to his blog. It was a new one so there was nothing to read, at least not yet. Also today, another of my mainly online friends sent me a link to read a few of her blog entries, one was humorous and the other one was a horror story of sorts. There are maybe another two or so blogs that I read from time to time, they are not updated daily so I never really miss anything.

The ironic part about this while blog business is that I never considered myself much of a writer nor a story teller, and I currently find myself maintaining a blog which I write to on a daily basis. Perhaps the most difficult part is just to get started and developing the habit. Once the habit is formed it begins to turn into an addiction. There are days when I have trouble even composing one sentence, and once I do complete the sentence, I rewrite it a few more times. I have relaxed somewhat and do not reread my entry over and over until each word and line is perfect, I have started to allow for a certain degree of imperfection.

Being consistent can be a challenge at times. I have always had at least two voices, not the ones that tell me to do bad things, but more like situational voices. What I mean is this, when I write, whether on this blog or in some other formal manner, I do my best to employ correct spelling, grammar, structure and so on. If someone were to ever hear me speak in person, they would hear a few different voices. The workplace voice, the at home voice, the street voice, and the list goes on. I believe there is a place and time for everything, and myself am among those that can act accordingly. By having a variety of voices one can increase their own personal network by being able to relate to a wide range of people. People tend to trust strangers more when they feel they are in some way similar to themselves.

Hope you have something to think about tonight. I look forward to reading any comments on any of my ramblings.

Arcade Games in your Browser

Today I offer something entertaining. For all those that enjoyed playing classic arcade games. Here is a site that contains some of those quarter munching games, playable right in your web browser. Give it a try and enjoy.

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Today was a busy day. I was in Queens, Nassau, and Brooklyn by the time my day was over.

Besides the fact that my home is in Queens, my night ended in the opposite end of Queens. I found myself playing poker, eating pizza, and drinking a few beers. Unfortunately Lady Luck was not with me this evening, which is the reason I failed to place in the top three winning positions. Perhaps my luck is not with games of chance but elsewhere, now I need to discover what that is.

There is nothing worse than driving during rush hour. Today I was driving through what should have been very heavy traffic, but probably due to extremely high gas prices getting to Nassau was a lot smoother than expected. It seems that there are less cars on the highways these days. The only reason I found myself driving to Long Island in the heart of rush hour was the fact that I needed to find an open post office. I had important paperwork that needed to be mailed out and by postmarked with today's date and the post office in Roosevelt Field Mall stays open to 8PM. After completing my transactions, I had to make a few calls to confirm that everything was set for a much needed night of poker.

After having played phone tag the night before, I needed to head out to Brooklyn this afternoon. I was heading over to meet up with one of my old college friends who currently goes by the name of Jive Poetic. Once there I bought a few tickets for this Saturday's show 'Welcome to Jam Rock', which if it is anything like the last show will also be great. For anyone who enjoys spoken word, I suggest you try to make it out to this show or any other show that Jam On It Poetry presents. Time flew by fast as Jive and I laughed and reminisced about our old college days. After catching up and talking about possible future projects, it was time for me to hit the road. I really hoped there would not be too much traffic on my way to the post office.



UPDATE: I have turned on word verification, due to increase comment spam. As if email spam is not enough. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Well after having such a great Labor Day Weekend, full of energy and life, today is a different story. I was depleted of energy today, my batteries were drained. Perhaps I should have retained some of that energy for the remainder of the week, but I have no regrets. Today I overslept had did not get to do a few things I had planned. I needed to get out of the house and do something or else I might have lost my mind. One thing that I needed to do was to fix the backyard fence, so I headed into the garage to get what I needed. Having the proper tools in hand I proceeded to repair the damages to the fence. Realizing that today was Tuesday, I called my friend from across the street and made plans to head over to Hooters and watch the Mets game. Luckily Tuesdays wings are half price, making the whole experience much more pleasurable. I really just go there for the wings, I'm a big fan of Buffalo wings and Hooters is just the closest place where I can find decent wings. Don't get me wrong, its not just the wings that are good, there are televisions all over the place showing live sports and the selection of beers isn't bad either. Today I drank a couple of Yuengling beers, you should try one for yourself, I did. Also worth mentioning are the free re-fills on sodas. So overall this is a great place to eat and have a refreshing beverage. I think that about sums it up. Well there is just one more thing that draws me to Hooters like a bug to a bright light in the summer, the famous Hooter girls. At one point I had turned my head to look at the game and I actually said 'Oh wow' out loud after laying my eyes on one of the girls that I had never seen working there before. Usually I am a lot more subtle when observing but this time I just thought out load. No one besides my friend heard me, so having an embarrassing moment was avoided.

Sometimes I wonder how our world would be if we were completely honest when telling people how or what we think of them. Its just something I would like you to think about. Until next time, be safe.



I need to start off by saying that I am aware that my entries have been slightly delayed, and I offer my sincerest apologies. This was a holiday weekend, so I'm hoping that you also have not been around. Now without any further ado, I present you with my Sunday in review.

To start off, I awoke unusually early for a weekend day off. By 11AM I was up and fully awake. Today I have an engagement party to attend around 3 in the afternoon, so I have time to watch the Mets game on television. The person getting married is one of my oldest friends which I have known since the fifth grade. For 19 years we have known each other and remained in constant contact, even if as of late we only see each other a few times a year.

Once I got there, besides my friend and his fiancee everyone else for the most part was a stranger, mostly family and co-workers from both sides. But there was nothing to complain about, the weather was perfect and there was plenty of home cooked food and beverages. So what did I do? I ate and had a few beers to help me get over my cold. Soon afterwards some familiar faces showed up instantly livening up the mood, mine at least. I was unusually talkative, and at the same time it seemed as if I could not say anything wrong even if I tried. Our conversations were entertaining and funny, I myself being guilty of causing some of our laughs. As all thing must end, eventually the engagement party was over. On my way home, I realized that I was feeling very energized and alive. It has been a while since I have had this great feeling that makes you glad to be alive.

Filled with energy, I could not just go home and fire up my pc. Well actually I did, but just to mapquest directions to a birthday BBQ that I went to. Once there it was more fun and positive energy. In attendance were more good friends that I grew up with since the age of 10. Considering the fact that we all seem to go our own ways in our personal lives, we often get together for birthdays and other festivities. Food and laughter was plentiful, with several digital cameras capturing every moment. It was a birthday party, it was a BBQ, and it was a holiday weekend which can only lead to one thing. Drinking games! I was taught how to play 'flip cup' and I must say that I caught on quite quickly. It is definitely a game that I will look forward to playing many times in my life. Here is a little proof that I was having a great time : pic. Being too late and slightly intoxicated, the safest thing to do was to stay the night and drive home in the morning.



Today was a good day. Read all about it in tomorrow's entry.


Tech Shows

From time to time I will share with you information on various topics. Although I know what you really want to read are my experiences and thoughts, the information I will link to is of interest to me. In actuality, you are learning about this person that is me, but indirectly. Enjoy the read.

This is a list of the best free downloadable tech shows currently available on the Internet. This site will be regularly updated with new shows and information.

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We grown up around war. We read about it in our textbooks, we see it in the news, and we hear about it from people who were actually there. Amongst my various interests, the subject of war is included in that long list of topics.

One of my favorite novels that uses war as the backdrop is 'All Quiet on the Western Front' written by Erich Maria Remarque. I recommend for anyone interested in the subject to read it, but be warned some depictions of the front lines are graphic. Another military book which I also highly recommend is Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War.' Time to make a small confession, I have never actually read 'The Art of War', but I did listen to the audio book.

Now lets move away from books and start to head in the direction of the title of today's blog, WWII. For the last few years one of the most popular first person shooters has been 'Battlefield 1942' which is set in WWII. Also worth mention are its sequels 'Battlefield: Vietnam' and 'Battlefield 2'. These games give the player a realistic feel for being involved in combat including locations of famous battles, accurate weapons and vehicles. This game is highly addictive, causing me and other players to stay up a lot later then expected when engaged in combat.

Everything is fun and games until you turn on the history channel and you see real footage of the same battles you were playing on the night before. They are very interesting to watch if you are into the history of WWII. You get to see the planes flown and the weapons used, often times there are interview with veterans offering their first hand experiences. Another excellent resource for information and entertainment involving WWII has been watching the 'Band of Brothers' dvd. If you have the time, go rent the series, it is definitely worth a watch.

All I am trying to say is that sometimes what we think is purely fun and entertainment, has another side to it. That other side sometimes is called real life and it is nothing to take lightly. War is a serious matter and although many times they are necessary, they come at a great loss for all involved.


Phone Tan

While the use of cell phones has increased over the years, so have the concerns over extended use of these devices. The most the common concerns over cell phone use are whether they can cause cancer and brain tumors. I believe this to be a valid concern. Cell phones do emit EM (electromagnetic) radiation, and for the most part they are held to the sides of our faces when in use. Over time it is plausible that the prolonged exposure to the radiation can have adverse effects on our health, our brains to be specific. Although a valid concern, to my limited knowledge there have been studies conducted without any concrete results. For as you might know, 'I ain't too keen on fancy book learnin.' I have a different concern all together. Recently I have been spending a lot of time talking on my cell phone, just the other night I spent three plus hours on a single conversation. At some point during our little talk the battery started to die, forcing me to find the nearest charger and making sure my cell phone was getting the energy it craved. All phone are different, but while mine is in a state of being charged the display screens and all keys remain lit. By this point the phone was hot from use and now I have this bright light shining on my face. Not that I do not pay attention when being talked to, but my mind started to wander ever so slightly, and I thought to myself 'how crazy would it be if my face had a tan from talking for so long with this light all over my face?' Now if this was possible, all anyone would have to remember is to switch ears every 20-30 minutes to get an even face phone tan. This would be great during the winter months since all we see of each other is our faces because the rest is covered up in layers. I think I might be on to something here, a hand held device for darkening skin complexion via heat and light radiation. Lets just hope neither Apple nor Micro$oft have beat me to the patent office.