Down For Repairs

Once again I must re-direct my free time and resources to get my pc working correctly. This afternoon I went to a computer show, and picked up a new video card. The card of choice was the ATI Radeon X700 Pro. My old card came with my current pc and was a bit outdated for the kinds of apps that I needed to run. It was only a matter of time that I got a new one. Since the Market Pro show was in town at a nearby college I decided that now was the time to get one. Everything was fine, until it was time to restart. The infamous Blue Screen of Death and I became re-introduced after many years. Being that I only use Windows systems, going a few years without the Blue Screen of Death would be considered quite miraculous. The ironic thing is that in the latest episode of hak.5 they demonstrated how to crash a Windows system to the Blue Screen of Death with a few simple keystrokes and a slight modification of the registry. Well I'm of to fight the video card demons, may Gates be with me.