It Works

Just a few days ago I decided to include a link to a site explaining various techniques on how to tie a tie. This morning I needed to wear a tie, and decided to try out a new method. I buttoned up my custom made shirt, stood in front of the mirror, took the tie in my hands, took a deep breath and went for it. I forgot to take a pic, but after two tries the results were impressive. I only had to make a few attempts because I had the length all wrong, but the actual knot and even the dimple were correct. I must say that I am proud of myself. This is something that I knew I would one day learn, and that day is today. Will I write it down on my calender? No. Will I remember this day years from now? No. The important thing is that I remember it now and am able to share with my readers one of my small achievements in life. If I was ever to take over the world, at least I will be properly dressed.

Good Night.