Crazy Night

As if waking up at 6 in the morning on Friday to go to work was not enough... once work was over, my day was just starting.

Since my office was close to a few of my old friends, we decided to meet up after work for some drinks at Rogue. I was done with work a little early so I decided to walk around the city randomly to kill some time. As I was about to cross a busy intersection, I felt eyes looking at me. Slowly I turned my head, only to find an old college friend ready to walk into the subway station. After the state of shock wore off, we walked over to an overpriced well known coffee chain. She was also good friends with the people I was about to meet, so our small little get together for drinks was slowly growing. By the time we all arrived to Rogue our merry band went from four to eight. We had a good time drinking and talking of old times, and catching up on new developments. After spending a good amount of time there it was time to leave. Upon exiting we noticed the place had now changed names and was called Encore. The reason why? I do not know.

The night is still very young. Mr.Met and I part ways with everyone else and head over to a birthday celebration at the Crobar. I was walking around with a giant lock and also a box cutter, so I had to be a little creative. A block or two from the club I locked the lock to a fence, I had the keys so I knew it would be safe there. Hiding the box cutter was a little more difficult, but I did manage to hid it out of sight to be picked up at the end of the night. Being that it was not too late, the line was reasonably short. The fact that we were able to be on the guest list allowed us to enter the club without having to pay a cover charge. That was my first time ever being there. The place was huge and over packed. I ran into a few familiar faces which I had not seen in a long time. It was a good time, the place had a nice look to it.

This isn't over yet. I retrieve my box cutter from the secret hiding location. Now I am walking towards the gate with my lock and I see a person standing right next to it eating a slice of pizza. So what do I do? I take the keys and walk right up to the lock, open it, and just walk away. I can only imagine the look on the face of the guy standing there, and have some stranger walk up to him, open a lock and keep walking without missing a step.

Hunger has set in by this time so we head over to an open pizza spot. I place my order and pay with what I was sure was a ten dollar bill. When the worker returns with only a few cents I became upset. I wanted the rest of my change. We argued for a little while, I said I paid with a ten, and he said I paid with a five. No one around me had seen what bill I gave, so this was not going to go anywhere. I just congratulated them on becoming five dollars richer. Walking away a moment of clarity settled in and after some quick math, I had in fact paid with a five dollar bill. I admitted it to my self, so I did not feel guilty. I can sleep at night.