No Beer

It is Monday. That can only mean one thing. The official end of the weekend. To some it is the start of the week. But not I, to me the weekend is over when the last second on the game clock has ticked down to zero at the end of Monday Night Football. This week is different. The tradition of watching the game and sampling a new and interesting beer has been suspended for this week. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Lets start off with the bad. I will not be tasting a new beer. The prior week, I chose to go with an import from China called 'Tsingtao', which was an excellent choice. In case you are wondering, it is properly pronounced (ching-dow).It tasted to me what a beer is supposed to taste like, good color and a balanced flavor, slightly bitter without being overbearing on the taste buds. 'Tsingtao' is a beer I look forward to drinking again. That was the bad news. Now on to the good news. For the next four days I will be working on another project. Along with working on a new project comes waking up early. When I mean early, I mean super early, to be more specific about five in the morning early. That means waking up about six hours earlier than I am accustomed to. As long as I get at least six hours of sleep a night, I can function at about 98% for 80% of the day. Time to go.