It seems that everyone who is into photography has at one point or another taken a self portrait. Some say that in order to break the mold, we must first fit into it. The logic seems solid to me. What comes to mind is the egg. From inside a small powerless creature fights its way out into the world. That same egg pressed from top to bottom by the palms of a grown man will not budge nor even begin to crack. From outside the structure is stable, but from within, its walls crumble with ease. I am learning the art of photography and film, and there fore still find myself outside its structure. In order to make my own unique mark I must first be within the structure. I too must place myself inside the egg, only to break out and emerge as a unique creative mind. There is no time to play shallow games of illusions manifested by smoke and mirrors. One must look at oneself face to face. No personal progress can ever be achieved until we exit from our own self created mental prisons of self doubt and hate. I am only scratching the surface of a much deeper and complex situation when I say 'There is nothing in this world that I HAVE to do, but there are infinite things I WANT to do. The only thing I HAVE TO do is live' I look at myself and do not look for answers, I only wish to have the wisdom to ask the proper questions, for all answers are already within me.


I need a new partner... now!!!

Yes. I do. That can be you. I am currently taking applications. Today I was invited to partake in a Spades Night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a small gathering, a total of six players. If you were in need of impairing your senses, that was also available. My toxin of choice of course was alcohol. Four of us had just seen each other this past weekend and we had an ongoing joke related to 'pushing it to the side'. Needless to say it continued and evolved into gut wrenching laughter. When it can to the actual games of Spades, no one team was better than the rest. We were all equally bad at one or another. Just as an example in one hand a ten of clubs walked... and in another an eight of clubs also walked. The night would not only end with some poorly played games of spades, it was to be followed by a few games of the classic game 'Uno'. The date has been set for the next night of Spades and I am counting down the days as I write. Though I did not mention in detail why I need a new partner, just trust me. I am trying to maintain my temper and not break anything as I am writing.


I'm Late

As you might know by now, I am learning and practicing my photography skills and techniques. Yesterday I needed to get some fresh air and run some errands. Before leaving the house I pack up my cameras and head out. The sun would start to set in a little while and would cause a nice red glow in the sky. In my mind I knew that the glowing sky would make a perfect backdrop for a shot of the Throgs Neck Bridge. I knew a place I could position myself to attempt getting the effect I wanted, but the window of opportunity would be short. I'm driving down the Clearview looking out the window the whole time, checking for the lighting in the sky. I get to my exit and everything is perfect. I just need to get to the location before its too late. I have no idea for how long the sun will sustain the desired lighting. Now I am working my way through local traffic and the cars around me are not cooperating at all. I look back and the perfect glow is slowly slipping into the horizon. I think I can still make it. Why is everyone driving so slow when I am in a hurry? As I pull up to the location it is already too late. The lighting has changed. I am late. I missed my shot. Well I was not about to waste my efforts in getting there. I still took a test shot for future reference. Next time I will plan ahead of time and arrive early and just wait for the right moment to happen.



I'm on the pill. Probably not 'THE PILL' that comes to many people's mind but none the less a pill. To be more specific they are antibiotics. About a month ago I had a cold that came and went, as they usually do in a few days. The runny nose was gone and the sneezing had practically disappeared. I did not feel weak nor tired, in fact I felt fine. Well there was one symptom that was persistent, an annoying cough. I did not really pay any attention to it, hoping that it would just go away on its own. It was not until this past weekend that I began to reconsider the whole situation. I was with a friend of mine and she told me that I should really go see a doctor. Just recently she also had a persistent cough with no other symptoms and avoided seeing a doctor. When she did go it turned out to be bronchitis. I doubted that my case was as severe, but I had no intentions of letting this get worse. The first thing I did this morning was set up an appointment with a doctor. I was prescribed antibiotics to clear up my chest and stop all the coughing. Now I just need to keep taking my medication and just wait until everything clears up. The good thing is that I do not have a more serious condition, like the Sars for example. I'm going to live through this one.


I'm Back

After a few weeks off I decided it was time to get back into the grind of giving you something to read about. I have mostly been procrastinating and keeping busy expanding my knowledge of film and photography. I am doing a little of everything, from shooting with my digital camera to shooting with my manual 35mm film camera. And I must also mention doing post production touch-ups and cropping with the help of Adobe's Photoshop. Just the other day I was having wings with a couple of friends and decided to take a few shots. Here is the final product.