I need a new partner... now!!!

Yes. I do. That can be you. I am currently taking applications. Today I was invited to partake in a Spades Night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a small gathering, a total of six players. If you were in need of impairing your senses, that was also available. My toxin of choice of course was alcohol. Four of us had just seen each other this past weekend and we had an ongoing joke related to 'pushing it to the side'. Needless to say it continued and evolved into gut wrenching laughter. When it can to the actual games of Spades, no one team was better than the rest. We were all equally bad at one or another. Just as an example in one hand a ten of clubs walked... and in another an eight of clubs also walked. The night would not only end with some poorly played games of spades, it was to be followed by a few games of the classic game 'Uno'. The date has been set for the next night of Spades and I am counting down the days as I write. Though I did not mention in detail why I need a new partner, just trust me. I am trying to maintain my temper and not break anything as I am writing.