These past few days have been some of relaxation and time for myself. There have been slight diversions however, but nothing major. Since no one wants to read of what I did whilst I relaxed, so let me instead divulge in my diversions.

Friday - I took a short trip out to Oyster Bay. I wanted to take a few photographs and thought that a beach would be nice. I managed to take a few shots of the 'Lightship Nantucket'. Check out my Flickr site for the image... link is on the right.

Saturday - At night I went over to Hech's place to prep the laptops and printers for a little photo taking job we have to do on Monday. He also lent me several lenses for my camera until I buy my own.

Sunday - A friend came over to chill for a little while and break my boredom. Had a good and relaxing time.



Well this past weekend was a bit more interesting than most unproductive weekends of laziness and oversleeping. Friday I get a call from a friend of mine telling me that there is a chance I might be able to work with him on a job for Saturday and/or Sunday. Later on in the afternoon he calls me back and tell me that Sat. is not going to work out, but there is a chance I will be needed on Sun. In the evening I do get a phone call from the production coordinator and she reiterates the same info in regards to not working Saturday but being on hold for Sunday. I am ok with this news. I now know I can stay up late Friday night and wake up as I please. At one point in the middle of the night I hear the familiar beeps from my cellular phone indicating that the battery is just about to die. I pay little mind to it, roll over and let the dreams continue. Eventually I rise from my slumber and as expected my phone is completely dead, so I plug it in to charge and just go on with my morning routine. After having a small breakfast I return to my phone and to my surprise I have a voice mail from earlier in the morning. It was apparently left while the phone was dead. It was a message telling me that I WAS needed on the job. I immediately get ready and head straight to location. Normally work on commercials, today's job was slightly different, it was a music video. The name of the band was The Strokes and the song in question is 'Heart in a Cage'. If you are curious as to what the song I heard for two days sounds like, feel free to visit their MySpace page. Everything went smooth afterwards. On Sat. I was on a rooftop on 41st Street and Madison with an amazing view of the entire island of Manhattan. The sunset was also spectacular as the orange ball of burning gas sunk below the horizon in the distance. On Sun. the location was in the Wall St. area. I was mainly doing lock-up which if not for the cold temperature was entertaining. I saw all kinds of people pass me by and even engaged in conversation with several passerbys. In that part of the city I ran into mostly tourists who were curious as to what was going on just down the block. Once everything was over the night was finally complete with an excellent dinner at my friend's restaurant. Sabor Tropical.


Angel or Ghost?

So here is the story. I am at work and find myself sitting in the mini van on Wooster Street, just south of Houston. I really have not a single thing to do there besides standing by until something of me is needed. It is not really as bad as it sounds. I might have worked ten hours or more that day, but in reality 70% of the time was spent sitting in my vehicle waiting to drive somewhere. Easy money if you ask me. The temperature that day was fine and the sky was mostly clear. From time to time huge dark clouds would wander across the sky darkening everything. Being that it was late in the afternoon, when the clouds advanced out of site the low angle of the sun was blinding to human eyes. I am enjoying the comings and goings of the clouds, observing how light and shadow do a little dance for me. But at some point something changed. There was a dark cloud passing but it was not solid... there were gaps in the formation. The bright sunlight was shining through the opening. The first thought to come into my mind was that I was seeing a ghost. Perhaps an angel with arms spread ready to embrace me. I knew these were just random formations that occur in nature all the time, in my childhood I remember moments when you try to see faces and animals in the various formations of clouds. I was first in awe and did not react fast enough to pull out my camera and capture the moment perfectly. Just a few seconds before this shot, the 'angel' was right in the middle of the frame and also had a more defined shape. The 'head' and 'arms' were very distinct. Could this have been a sign or an omen. Perhaps. Pure nature working in its normal fashion? Most likely. A wonderful feeling when viewing the moment, without a doubt. So when I am passing you by on a busy street of New York City, do not for a single moment think that I am in a daze or lost, I am simply absorbing life.


I just wanna live.

I realized the other day while on one of my phone conversations that living a few more years would not be a bad thing. One of the topics had to do with knowing who would be at our own wake or funeral if one was to die the following day. It is a somewhat morbid thing to talk about, but it will happen one day. I figure if I die in 80 years from now, my family will be there but all my friends will either be gone already or have Alzheimer's and not remember me. The advantage to be dead now is that you can see which of the people that you consider to be a friend will actually care or notice if you are gone. Eventually I came to my senses and realized I was not thinking right. After all the weeks I put into making weekly football picks, to die tomorrow would not allow for me to see or know who won the Super Bowl. So instead I decided that to live is the better option. Who else would be writing on this blog? My readers need me. What ever readers are still left that is.

It is the new year and also time to start fresh. Out with the old and in with the new. I just want to live and be happy. In regards to health I want to get back into better shape and lose a few pounds. Besides that my only other main concern is getting my career going at full speed. Everything else must come second. It might sound bad, but if you are not me, you are not number one on my list of priorities. I just really want to be focused and limit my distractions. I'm on a mission.



Well I just got finished working on a 'Fresh Direct' commercial. The job shot for two days on three different locations in the lower parts of Manhattan. The days went by well, no major problems. The busy parts of the day are mostly in the morning setting up everything and at wrap time. Sometime Tuesday morning I was asked to go on a run. I needed to pick up about six cans of yellow silly string. Although at the moment it had not occurred to me, New Years was just a week away and many places would be sold out of silly string, confetti and things of that nature. Props are down to the last can of silly string, so I know my time is limited. First stop : Party city. They have about a dozen or so cans, but not of yellow. As a backup, I picked up a few other colors but I knew that yellow was an absolute must have, and a lot of it. Next stop : Ricky's. I should say next three stops, which is the amount of different locations I ended up going to. Luckily they have quite a few locations and all at close proximity from each other. Petty cash was paying for my numerous cab rides, so I had no worries. My only concern was getting the yellow silly string before the last remaining can on set ran out. At the first location I found a single can. I still had hope. The second location proved to be a disappointment, they had none. I struck gold the the third location. I loaded up, jumped on yet another cab and went straight to set to save the day.

So getting back to the title. The one celebrity that I met and is worth mention is Ed Koch. Former mayor of New York City. For an 80+ year old man, he is in great form. He was pleasant and easy going. I was stationed outside of his motor home and only allow certain people access to him. When he was on set filming, I was also by the motor home for security reasons. One thing that stood out was the fact that he was a lot taller in real life than I had imagined. I didn't have my camera on me to take a quick photograph, but at the same time, I did not think it was appropriate. Who knows who I will meet on the next job, but whoever it is, you can expect to read all about it here.


First Weekend

This is the first weekend of the new year. 2006 is now here and in full effect. How am I kicking this year off? Well first I must say that I am currently working on a Bob Giraldi commercial. I'll be updating you on more details as we actually start shooting. On another note, this weekend marks the second big night of spades. This time I am going for the number one spot and taking no prisoners. I still have no idea who I will end up with as a partner, but at this point it does not really matter. I can win with anyone who plays. I know some of the other competitors will be talking a good game, some will have on their 'poker' faces. Me, I'm going in there like the last of the Mohicans, tomahawk in hand ready to scalp the weak. To find out how everything goes, come back tomorrow for all the fun details.