Well I just got finished working on a 'Fresh Direct' commercial. The job shot for two days on three different locations in the lower parts of Manhattan. The days went by well, no major problems. The busy parts of the day are mostly in the morning setting up everything and at wrap time. Sometime Tuesday morning I was asked to go on a run. I needed to pick up about six cans of yellow silly string. Although at the moment it had not occurred to me, New Years was just a week away and many places would be sold out of silly string, confetti and things of that nature. Props are down to the last can of silly string, so I know my time is limited. First stop : Party city. They have about a dozen or so cans, but not of yellow. As a backup, I picked up a few other colors but I knew that yellow was an absolute must have, and a lot of it. Next stop : Ricky's. I should say next three stops, which is the amount of different locations I ended up going to. Luckily they have quite a few locations and all at close proximity from each other. Petty cash was paying for my numerous cab rides, so I had no worries. My only concern was getting the yellow silly string before the last remaining can on set ran out. At the first location I found a single can. I still had hope. The second location proved to be a disappointment, they had none. I struck gold the the third location. I loaded up, jumped on yet another cab and went straight to set to save the day.

So getting back to the title. The one celebrity that I met and is worth mention is Ed Koch. Former mayor of New York City. For an 80+ year old man, he is in great form. He was pleasant and easy going. I was stationed outside of his motor home and only allow certain people access to him. When he was on set filming, I was also by the motor home for security reasons. One thing that stood out was the fact that he was a lot taller in real life than I had imagined. I didn't have my camera on me to take a quick photograph, but at the same time, I did not think it was appropriate. Who knows who I will meet on the next job, but whoever it is, you can expect to read all about it here.