Many Lemons

Thirty. I have just bought thirty lemons and a few other key ingredients to begin a ten day long cleansing fast. Will I lose some weight? Probably. The weight loss is only a side effect of not eating solid food for ten days, the main function of the fast, as its name implies, is to rid the body of the many toxins and impurities that accumulate over the years. In addition to the lemons, the other needed ingredients are 100% pure maple syrup and cayenne pepper. These materials properly combined in water make up the lemonade mix which is the only thing to be consumed for the duration of the fast. The only real exceptions include a natural herbal laxative tea to loosen things up, and to even further enhance the cleansing, a sea salt flush to remove everything that the tea loosens up. For any of you wanting a more detail description of the 'Master Cleanse' feel free to research it further. Tomorrow will be my first day on the fast. Some people think I am crazy to even attempt it, others doubt that I can even last five days. I myself am not 100% sure how long I will last, but my intentions are to go the full ten days. One thing in my favor is that I have no jobs in the next two weeks, so craft services will not be a temptation to break my fast. The word breakfast meaning to break fast will take on a whole new meaning to me once I return to solid foods. Wish me luck, I will update the blog with more information soon.