Awake. Cannot fall asleep. My eyes are telling me to shut down operations for the night. My mind has a different plan all together. I'm being pulled in different directions all at once. There seems to be too much activity going on upstairs these days. Recent absorption of string theory through television and internet is enough to overclock anyone's brain. I begin to question my location in space-time when memories, reality and dreams begin to merge into one. The future happened tomorrow. Were you there with me when I was driving to pick you up? I was flying over the jungles when I decided to descend. My body rests and becomes heavy, so deeply relaxed am I that all I am aware of is my breath. Sinking into the mattress I can feel my self get lighter. Weightlessness kicks in and I am no longer within my self. I am free. Control is lost and faster than light I am back in my body. The initial separation is scary, but I keep trying. I make an attempt knowing I will most probably fail. Years, weeks, seconds do not really matter. Even a lifetime is not a very long time to wait when what you seek makes you happy. The people that come into and out of our lives are there for a reason. So much food to eat. Lets have dinner. RFID tags will not be part of me. Reduced down to a number? Not me. Too late I might be. What a brave new world we live in that has such people in it. Focus. Hold still. The shutter makes its signature noise as it releases. Photons rush into the narrow opening allowing the film to do the magic it does. Check the gate. The gate looks good. Thats a wrap.


Wild Animals

What an interesting thing this Internet is, we can read stories from all over the world, about a wide range of topics. This afternoon I ran across a real winner. The story comes from the Beekse Bergen Safari Park, located in the Nether regions, Amsterdam to be exact. What occurred was that a group of bears chased a monkey up into a wooden structure. Eventually who I assume was the leader of the bear gang climbed up and got a hold of the poor little monkey. Afterwards the body was brought back to the den where the bears had a lovely brunch of monkey meat. I can only imagine the look on people's faces when they witnessed this 'Discovery Channel' moment live in front of their eyes. If there were any little humans present, I am sure that when they eventually grow up, they will have some kind of personality disorders. No matter how shocking this might be, it should not be a total surprise. These are wild animals who tend to do wild things. When you consider how wild bears can be and add to the fact that monkeys share the same section of the park, it is really only a matter of time before this would happen. Here is an AP photo taken from CNN.com


Not just today

Just want to wish all mothers and future mothers a very happy Mother's Day. I celebrate it every day, you all deserve it.


On the Map

Any step, big or small, is an important part of one's advancement into future success. One of the various ways to measure one's success is in the professional realm. As a freelancer in the film industry the size of my network is vital as is exposure. In the advancement of my exploration of the photographic world, exposure is key. The more people see and like your work the better. To have one's work published on any medium is also an good indicator that the work is of both interest and quality. I doubt anyone would disagree with the previous statements. In fact I consider them to be the very basic building blocks of professional success. You ask me 'Who Cares? What's the point to all this?' My answers are as follow. You care, for if you did not, the little red X at the top right of your web browser would have long been clicked. You willingly chose to travel to the unknown destinations of my mind. Now that being said, onwards to the second answer. The point to my post today, is to inform you that two of the photographs that I have posted on flickr.com (link on the right hand side) have been selected to be part of a freeware down loadable program called Schmap. Schmap makes dynamic travel guides to a lage amount of different cities and destinations. The photos chosen were one from Camden Yard featuring a state of the Babe, and the other of Orlando's City Walk featuring the NBA City Restaurant. Feel free to go to my Flickr site and view these photos for yourself.


Jedi Mind Tricks

I do not claim to be a Jedi, nor have I even received formal training of any kind by a Jedi Master, but this is uncanny. On my way to work, riding on the F train in the morning, like most times I ride the subway, I nap. In the mornings, in order not to miss my stop I open my eyes at every station to A: see where I am and B: to see who gets on and off. Being aware of one's surroundings is vital in the course of life. On the way home, I knock out as deeply as possible since I get off at the last stop and eventually someone will wake me up if I can't awaken on my own. On my way to work this morning, as I close my eyes after the subways makes a stop I start to drift away. Suddenly in my mind's eye I see three big numbers in red. They are 9 0 3. They just popped into my head so suddenly that I instantly awoke. I knew this was not normal. My first reaction was to look at my watch, although I am not sure exactly why I did so, but I had an urge to look at the time. Amazingly the small hand pointed to the number 9 and the long hand was pointing exactly to the third dot. Yes, it was 9:03 AM. This is a first for me, and I immediately wondered if I had reached an untapped section of my brain and if I could call upon this skill at will. I needed to try and repeat this feat of mental ability. I decided to nap again and upon awakening I would allow a number to enter my mind and see if I could 'see' the time before opening my eyes and verifying the information. A few stops later I wake up from yet another nap and let my mind come up with a number, this time I saw 9 2 4. As opposed to last time this set of numbers did not pop in with such authority, they just appeared. I open my eyes, raise my arm as I slowly pull back the sleeve of my coat to reveal the face of my watch. The time is 9:20 AM. I am off by just four minutes. Not breathtaking by any means, but it is very close and is something I should be aware of in the future. Time and patience will let my abilities develop over time, for it is quite common that I wake up just 2-5 minutes before my alarm clock goes off. Perhaps we all have an internal 'clock' that we just need to allow ourselves to tap into.


Lucy... I'm Home

This actually should have been written a few weeks ago, but better late than never. This all takes place on a rather cold and windy Friday night. My old high school friend's birthday was in a few days so we decided to go out for dinner. It was just the two of us and her other good friend who ended up going out to celebrate. The first stop was 'Son Cubano' a Cuban restaurant located on 14th street in Manhattan. The food and live music there were great, the only con was that the location was just too loud. The kind of loud that you have to just about scream at the person in front of you just to get a few words in. After dinner the night was still young, so we decided to go to the Village and just find a bar to have a few drinks. 'Off the Wagon' was the original destination, but on a late Friday night parking can be quite an obstacle. Eventually a spot opened up for us and we started to head towards our destination. Just a week prior the weather was amazingly warm for this time of year, but tonight the wind was cold, the kind of cold that makes your bones hurt and your teeth chatter. So we did the only logical thing someone in this predicament can do, we went into the first open bar that we came across. It turns out that my friend had to work the next morning, and I was driving, so no one was planning to drink heavily. Just a couple of beers and chips were going to be more than enough along with some catching up type of conversations. Being that I was there with my friends, I paid little notice to who was sitting in the rear of the establishment sitting at tables eating and drinking. For a Friday night, the place was unusually empty, or so I assume, for I had never set foot in 'Senor Swanky's' before this evening. We were sitting by the bar since the place was rather empty and some where between the first and last beer something strange occurred. A group of people who were sitting at a table in the back made their way out. Out of the corner of my eye I saw them leave but could not make out how many there were or even how they looked, except for one. As the group was making its way out one lady stood back and got our attention with a 'Hello, excuse me....' as we instinctively turn towards the woman speaking to us. She appears to be older, slightly overweight, and of ordinary appearance. Then she begins to speak to me and says, to the best of my memory 'I know you must hear this all the time, but has anyone ever told you that you look just like Ricky Ricardo.' I reply, 'Oh really, I've actually have never heard that before.' She says, 'We were all looking at you and we all agree that you look just like him. Well you probably don't know who he is, he's from before your time, but you are a very handsome man.' I smile and reply with a 'Thank you' and she exits. Needless to say I was in shock and caught by surprise with that compliment from a complete stranger. For one thing, I usually don't have complete strangers come up to me and start a conversation, with the exception of when I am at work, and secondly I had never been compared to Ricky Ricardo of all people. I suppose back in the day he was considered handsome, so that is something good to be compared to. Only once in my life I have been called Ricky, but that is a completely different story, that might or might not be told in the future. The question now is: Who will fill the role of Lucy in my life?



Summer is here. How do I know this? Today there was a last minute BBQ in my back yard, and it was a success. Not a single thing was done in advance. A few phone calls where placed of a possible bbq on Saturday somewhere in Queens, but it was not until today that the details were finalized. Place and time were set. Additional phone calls were also made. The turn out was better than expected, roughly fifteen people attended the event, if it can even be called an event. I prefer to use the term 'gathering'. There was plenty of food for all to eat and it was outstanding. No one left hungry and there was still a good amount of uncooked food in the fridge. The next 'gathering' will be more of an event and when it is a little warmer. Once the sun went away, it got cold quickly. Not a single crazy or wild thing happened, but it was a good time amongst friends. In life we need moments to just be around those we consider friends and enjoy the moment.



After working as an intern in the making of a commercial for the Tribeca Film Festival two years ago, and also after having attended my first film in the festival a year ago, it was once again time to get involved in this fifth annual event. My only regret from the previous year is only seeing one film which I nor anyone I went with was very fond of. To be brutally honest, it was quite painful to sit through. This year my goal was to attend a few screenings. Due to scheduled work those few screenings I planned to attend have diminished at this point in time to just two. Today I attended my first film.
"The Hip Hop Project" directed by Matt Ruskin and Scott K. Rosenburg with the one and only Bruce Willis as the executive producer. This film was a complete 180 from the one I saw last year. This was basically a documentary about a young man who through Art Start started the Hip Hop Project. The Hip Hop Project would take at risk inner city youth and through the creation of music attempt to be a positive influence in their lives. The film takes us through both the growth of the project and also through the personal growth an development of the individuals involved. This movie presents a realistic and honest view of life the the hardships and lessons faced by many. Overall the movie was well put together and maintained a healthy pace. At no point did it linger or drag on. It would be nice to say the characters make you feel their emotions, but they are not characters, they are real people. As a viewer we get a feeling of familiarity with those on the screen. What I also liked is the way the members were presented with a challenge to be outside the box and how they went about exiting that box. The Hip Hop Project - see it when you can.


A Day Without Immigrants

Here are a few images taken this afternoon at Union Square in New York City. If you have been living in a cave for the last few week, you might not have known that there would be rallies and demonstrations, and march going on all over the country. People from all over the world were present today. It was amazing to see so many people gathered without incident. Everyone was there as one massive entity. Union Square became so full and overcrowded that the scheduled march donw Broadway was started early in order to clear out the park. Besides being there to witness this historic event, I was also there to document it through the use of my cameras, both digital and film. Now I am looking forward to taking my rolls of film to the lab to see what kind of images will emerge.