Earlier this week, Monday the 3rd to be exact, along with a few other people I went to the beach. The intentions were to go to Jones Beach, but things didn't exactly work out that way. But before I go in to those details, let me slightly rewind. On second thought, let me get right into the main focus of this little episode. So there we are sun bathing and swimming in the ocean, having a great time. I say to all 'Lets see who can do a handstand.' No one wants to try. I think to myself, 'Why not? The sand is soft. A fall will not hurt.' I am told I should do it myself, since I was the first one to mention the idea. I think about it for a few seconds and decide to go for it. I stretch my arms and crack my neck and look down upon the sand. I bend forward putting my hands into the hot summer sand and kick my legs upwads towards the sky. Amazingly enough I was doing a handstand. I am not saying that I was able to hold the position for very long, but it was done. The attempt was made a few more times, each one better than the previous attempt. Proof you ask for? Not a problem. Enjoy the pic.



On the Map - Update

Check out the sidebar. I have provided an easy way for you, my readers, to view where a few of my images may be found though Schmap!!, the world's first dynamic destination guides.