Yankee Connection to Crash

Plane involded in the crash, has been reported to be registered to Cory Lidle, NY Yankee relief pitcher. The plane is a four passenger aircraft.

The occupants of the plane are unknown.

Death count is four.

5pm. UPDATE - ESPN confirms that Cory Lidle was indeed alone in the plane invloved in the crash and has died.

This is a tragic event for our city and to the great sport of baseball.

Update! Plane Crash Crash

The fire has been put out as of now. Police have secured the area. Mayor has arrived to the area, but has not spoken yet. No firefighters are reported injured. The port authority is saying a small plane took off at 2:30PM capable of holding four people. The NTSB is sending a team to investigate the incident. This can be, quite simply, an accident. Today is the 11th, not sure that means anything. Probably not.

New reports unoficcially have been told of a mayday call made by the plane related to a fuel problem. This supports the whole accident scenario. One possibility.

Crashed Aircraft

This afternoon on 72nd. Street and York an aircraft crashed into a residential building. I was pulling into my driveway on the way home from the bank when the news was announced. My first reaction was to turn on the television and get as many live news feeds as possible. The FAA gives confirmation that the aircraft in question was indeed a small fixed wing single engine plane. Several eyewitnesses have claimed to have seen a helicopter crash into the building. Within five minutes, on various channels, at least five people have said that the aircraft in question was a helicopter. To me, this sounds strange. Do not worry, FBI says this incident is not terror related. Interestingly enough, fighter planes have been deployed over several major US cities. Interesting, very interesting. About ten to fifteen minutes later, there was a caller who claims to have witnessed the 'plane' in question and was definately a plane. I guess the news agencies must present both sides of the story, or at least what ever version their bosses want to spin. Whatever the aircraft was, small it was, for the structure of the building looks to be intact. The damage at first look seems to be broken windows. Of course there are fires inside. Currently there is one fatality. The area of damage seems contained to a small area. Emergency vehicles were speedily and orderly in place to attend to the incident. I don't know who else has ever driven in that part of Manhattan at this time of day, but from my experience, it is nearly impossible. I feel emergency crews responded, if at all possible too quick. Something in me feels that this might be an elaborate 'fire drill' to test the response our our emergency servies crews. This plane, according to witness accounts somehow avoided other high rises and crashed into the building it did hit. Could this have been an UAV? I think it is defiantely plausible.

Update, second fatality.

Another eyewitness says he saw a plane, but refused to go on camera. Why do the real human eye witnesses see helicopters, and the off camera see planes?

This is jumpy due to me writing as I am digesting incoming reports.