Cool Down

Icicles After having spent five days in the Bahamas, I am no stranger to warm weather. Now I am back home and dealing with a slight sunburn. If I stay indoors and avoid the sun, I will soon lose any color I might have gained. So what do I do? I cook a nice breakfast for me and my girlfriend and we eat it outside along with a bottle of white wine. The next few hours are also spent enjoying the sun just relaxing in the back yard talking and listening to music. Now it is time for me to start making lunch and the bottle of red wine now gets opened. The menu for the afternoon is grilled chicken drumsticks and grilled corn. By the time lunch is ready for the family... out comes the pitcher of sangria. It is very important to stay hydrated when it is hot outside.

Now you might be wondering what all this has to do with the photograph of icicles. Or you might not.

I believe almost everything is mental in some way. So to cool down on a hot day, I find it helpful to have cool thoughts. I only provide the icicles as a tool to help the imagination find some 'coolness' to get by on hot days.