The plane, the plane!!!


This is a shot taken in February on a birthday celebration trip to St.Martin/St.Maarten. What you do not see in this image, is the main airport of the island a few hundred feet past the beach. Due to the short runway, planes make the final approach at a very low altitude. Having airplanes pass overhead at such low altitude makes sitting on the beach watching the sun set a very interesting experience.

Seeing planes land is a wonderful thing, but watching them take off is another world. Just past the end of the beach there is a two lane road and just past the road is a fence. The airport fence. Just a short distance from the fence is where the airplanes take off from. The engines fire and soon they are speeding towards the end of the runway and lift off. Each time this happens, a group of people on the beach firmly plant their feet into the sand and brace themselves. Brace themselves for what? They are bracing themselves to try and remain standing against the force of the jet blasts from the engines. The sound is deafening, but some people still choose to endure the powerful blasts. Most fall down and in some way get knocked backwards, even into the water. It is a funny sight, but I have no idea what would possess a person to willingly suck in jet fumes and risk injury by standing in the direct line of fire from a jet engine.