Change is Here

In a few short hours president-elect Obama will become the next President of the United States of America. Jay-Z recently did a live remix to the song "My President" and here are the lyrics:

My President is Black my Maybach too
And I'll be Goddamn if my diamonds ain't ain't blue
My money is dark green and my Porsche is light grey
And I'm headed for D.C. anybody feel me
My President is Black in fact he's half white
So even in a racist mind he's half right
Even in these racist times we alright
My President is Black but his house is all white
Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther can walk
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama can run
Barack Obama ran so all the children can fly
So I'm a spread my wings you can meet me in the sky
I already got my own clothes already got my own shoes
I was hot before Barack imagine what I'm gonna do
Hello Miss America, hey pretty lady
Red white & blue flag wave me for me baby
Never thought I'd say this shit, baby I'm good
You can keep your puss I don't no more Bush
No more wars nor more Iraq
No more white lies my President is Black." - Hov

Jay-Z My President is black Remix LIVE 1-18-09 from pleasedontstare on Vimeo.


I'm making a list

The stock market is down. Companies are breaking up. Businesses are falling apart. Consumer confidence is down. Job security is non-existent. Does any of this concern me? Of course it does, everyone should be re-thinking their strategy for the next few years. I recently began reading "Eat That Frog" and I have become inspired to be more proactive. The first thing I did was to create a top 10 list of goals to accomplish for the year. I went about it the old fashioned way, pen and paper. It could have been on my phone or computer or laptop, but the important thing was to get it from random ideas floating in my head onto a physical form that I can see and read everyday to remind me of what needs to be done. Besides having broad yearly goals, I have started to write down shorter term more specific goals that will lead up to me accomplishing my broader goals. Tonight I also decided it was time to use the Tasks application on my Blackberry device to keep track of things I need to do. I truly feel that these few simple steps will be a big part of ending my days of procrastination. The old saying holds true, "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail".


Castillo in the News

Here is a link to a blog I follow, which deals with all things Mets. Brooklyn Met Fan recently wrote up a piece about Luis Castillo. The image attached to the article was taken by yours truly. Go take a look and I would recommend adding it your your favorite rss feed reader.



Terraza 7 Train Café

(written on 1/7/09)
Being new to the neighborhood, we decided that it was time to branch out and try new things. Terraza 7 Train Café is an artsy kind of bar just a few blocks from the apartment. It was on the list of things to do, but had not gotten to it. Last night was also open mic night at Terraza hosted by JHPF (Jackson Heights Poetry Festival). My gf knows the JHPF founder and we decided to attend the event and show support. Having been a fan of Jam On It Poetry, I figured this would be an interesting event to attend. The open mic poetry night happens the first Tuesday of the month. A week before patch Tuesday, but that is a different topic. The place was very comfortable. Plenty of seating, chairs and couches all over the place. Colorful paint job in the place made it feel warm and inviting. The action all happens on the second level of the bar. The poets do their thing on a scary looking platform. Unfortunately we walked in a little late, but enjoyed what we were able to listen to. There was also a 'musical' performance that was interesting.

After the dust settled from the event, we found ourselves on the second level with drinks and conversation. As time passed it was just three of us talking. Being that we were all rather new to the area there was no shortage of food conversation to be had. We might just have made our first new friend in the neighborhood.


Exclusive Release Update


The above little bird is not the NBC logo. It is a real life peacock. The image was taken last summer in the Bronx Zoo. In a previous post (dig into those archives), I stated how I felt about warm thoughts in cold weather, hence the image taken in the summer. Unfortunately not being a Marine, I have yet to perfect 'one shot one kill'. I am human, so sometimes I falter, and it takes several shots for me to get the right one. But the reward is well worth the effort.

Typically I just shoot for myself. I want to make ME happy with my images. And this I do not plan on changing. I do hope other people enjoy my work and can walk away with something positive from the interaction. I would like for you to also be able to spread my imagery and positive energy.

How you ask? To kick off the new year I am selling a few products online featuring select images from my collection. The above image is featured as a postcard. The holidays just ended and this would make a great postcard to send to your loved ones as a 'Thank You' note. Send one to a bird lover. Send one to someone who is far far away. You get the idea. Click here to take a look.



2009 - A new year


I hope last night was safe and fun for all. Today is mostly a day of recovery from too much eating, drinking and celebrating. The image above was taken in May of last year in the Bahamas. This image of a new day is appropriate for today being the first day of a new year. I overslept a little and missed the moment the sun rose over the horizon, but the resulting image is just as powerful. I have always been drawn to the rays of the sun breaking through clouds. The combination always makes me feel relaxed and at peace.

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