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Slumdog Millionaire - Mini Review - UPDATE


This past week I finally saw "Slumdog Millionaire". Great movie! The movie was visually and conceptually moving. No spoilers here, so feel free to read on. Make sure to hang around to watch the end credits, and not storm out of the place as soon as the movie ends. This was definitely the type of movie that keeps you thinking about it even after the popcorn is all gone and you are home relaxing. If you are emotional you might cry. If you have a sense of humor you will laugh. If you are alive you will enjoy this one. If this film is not playing locally, wait for the home version to be released and do not support the bootleggers.


8 Oscars. Nuff Said


Super Bowl Sunday

Almost game time. Kick-off is in just a few minutes. Keeping it low key this year, we are after all in a recession. Today was a pre-spring cleaning day, so now it is time to relax and watch the NFL Championship game, aka the SUPER BOWL. Who will win? The Arizona Cardinals or the Pittsburgh Steelers? My money (not literally) is on the Cardinals. I have no choice. My younger brother lives in Phoenix, and my cousin keeps this country safe also in Arizona, in addition to where numerous family members migrated to after leaving the great state of New York. I have nothing against the city of Pittsburgh, but at the same time have no attachments to it either. Of course, this is after all the Super Bowl, and what matters is the action on the field. One team will win, and the other will quietly retreat back to the locker rooms with nothing to cheer about. I cannot miss the kick off, so til' next time... enjoy the game!