Christmas Cactus


At home we have a Christmas cactus, and I thought it was just a regular cactus, except this one is not loaded with a gazillion thorns. To my amazement, it recently began to flower. At first it was just a little pink, but it continued to grow for the next few days, leading to the image captured above.

The following are the settings I used to make this image:
Camera: Nikon D200
Exposure: 0.5
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 135 mm
ISO Speed: 200

I used a simple black background to give better contrast to the pink flower. Lighting was available light pouring in thru my west-facing windows.



One shot one chili dog


This image was taken during a recent trip to Washington D.C. After returning home, this was the only image that was worth keeping. In my opinion, it was well worth the drive. If you are ever in the D.C. area this is one place you must eat at. Their chili dog happens to be Bill Cosby's favorite. You cannot go wrong, trust me. The night before this image was taken the place was closed and I had to drive to NY in the morning. I did what any other person would do, have a chili dog as my breakfast. Back to the image at hand... I was lucky that at about 7am there was not a lot of traffic or parked cars, allowing me to have a clean view of the establishment. What also struck me was how bright the building was in comparison to its surrounding neighbors.

Stay tuned for more images and interesting stories.

As a bonus to all you photographers or future photographers out there, here are two podcasts that are worth a download:
tfttf (tips from the top floor) and twip (this week in photography).


Wings, wings and wings in NYC

As you may know by now, I like to eat. Sometimes more than I should and is probably part of the reason I am not losing weight as fast as I should be. Last year after a stop to have lunch at Duff's in Buffalo,NY my girlfriend has been addicted to buffalo wings as much as me. Things were soon set in motion for our hunt for the best buffalo wings in NYC. To all my male readers, sorry to say but Hooters does not have real buffalo wings, unless you ask for them naked. A real buffalo wing is never to be breaded. If you spot a breaded wing, stand up and leave the place as fast as possible. So you sat down, ordered wings, they were breaded, you left the place... now what? A few months ago I would say, go to Atomic Wings. For a while, Atomic Wings were the best in the city. Currently, not so much. seems quality control is not high on their priority list, as a recent batch of wings were not very hot and very dried out. By dried out, I do not mean the sauce, the actual meat was dry, probably overcooked, or re-fried, or some other unknown factor. A safe back up is also Croxley's, they serve very good wings. If you head over to Blondie's you will experience great authentic wings. the only downside is how packed the place can get during a sporting event that getting a table might be a bit difficult or near an impossibility. Rising to the top of my favorite NYC wing location is Wogies. They have been consistent and are great tasting, and always taste made to order. If you have not tried Wogies and you love buffalo wings, give them a try and feel free to leave me your comments.

Here are a few links to my friends' three part video talking all about Buffalo's buffalo wings.