Brooklyn Botanic Gardens


Having unusually warm, actually hot, weather this time of year is not a bad thing. Being in Brooklyn with a camera is even better when you have something worth shooting. This adventure took me to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Strange, I always thought it was called botanical... but as we walked towards an entrance, there it was in giant letters, Botanic... not botanical. I might have to do some research on the terminology. Some cherry trees were in bloom.... but the large majority were probably a few days away from being at peak bloom. Hanami will have to wait for another day. I managed to capture a few good images that day, have a look for yourselves here.



Columbus Circle

This image was taken after a walk in NYC's Columbus Circle. There was not too much of interest to shoot at that location, although I am sure a tourist would object to that statement. That particular day I was on a shoot for other people, but I wanted to get a shot for myself. There were a few elements present that I wanted to capture, and was somehow able to combine them to make an image I was happy with. The obvious elements were: blue sky, green trees, flowers, and a water fountain. On a more subtle note, I wanted to juxtapose the fluidity of the foreground water against the static monument in the background.



Modern day ghost town

Coming from New York City, I have grown accustomed to the fast pace of city life and the constant hustle and bustle. Any day of the week, including weekends, the streets are alive and crawling with people needing to go here or go there, some are just wandering around aimlessly. Even if one were to eliminate all tourist traffic, there would still be a considerable amount of people filling up the streets. Try to take a photograph in the Big Apple and not have any people in it during the middle of the day. Ok. Now try to do it without photoshop, a nearly impossible task.

Now. Take yourself 500 miles NW (approx.) and you will find yourself in a much different little town of Western New York. This modern day ghost town is Buffalo, home of the Buffalo Wing and also... hmmm... coldness and snow. Taking a picture in the middle of the day without any people getting in your way or bumping and pushing you is not a problem. There are almost no people walking around in the middle of the day. Where do they go? Do they only come out at night? Now I am not talking about a day in the middle of winter, because if you have any sense you will hibernate like a bear in a cave, what I am referring to is an average spring day.

If my goal were to shoot people and city life, this would not be the place I would go to make my images. Luckily that was not the case. So in the end, things worked out just as I wanted them to. Here are the images: http://enzoem.smugmug.com/


Photography Sites

As you may know by now, I mainly use flickr.com to host some of my images online. For many years I have used their services and have been satisfied with the product. On flickr the social networking aspect of the site is one of the main attractions, and the basic price point is great, FREE. Recently I have started to explore other hosting options. First I needed a way to change the background color that is used to view my images. To see the colors in an image accurately, it is best to view them against a neutral background (gray for example). Having an all-white or all-black background tricks the human eye and you will not see what the photographer intended. Having the ability to password protect certain images or galleries was also something I am interested in, mainly for the privacy of my clients. Keeping all these things in mind, I decided to give smugmug.com a whirl. To get my feet wet, I created a few galleries. Have a look and feel free to leave me some feedback. http://enzoem.smugmug.com/


Quick photo tip

Always check your gear before heading out to shoot. Make sure to have enough room on your memory cards for what you will be shooting. Most important of all... have either a fully charged battery or a back up battery. There is nothing worse than having a dead battery after only taking a few shots.
- Enzo E. Martinez

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Easter Parade 2009

This past Sunday many of us celebrated Easter. It is always a day of celebration. For the first time ever, I decided to attend the annual Easter Day Parade in New York City, mostly due to the fact that I just recently discovered that it even existed. This was a great day to put my new lens to the test. Some images have been uploaded to my flickr.com site here.