Modern day ghost town

Coming from New York City, I have grown accustomed to the fast pace of city life and the constant hustle and bustle. Any day of the week, including weekends, the streets are alive and crawling with people needing to go here or go there, some are just wandering around aimlessly. Even if one were to eliminate all tourist traffic, there would still be a considerable amount of people filling up the streets. Try to take a photograph in the Big Apple and not have any people in it during the middle of the day. Ok. Now try to do it without photoshop, a nearly impossible task.

Now. Take yourself 500 miles NW (approx.) and you will find yourself in a much different little town of Western New York. This modern day ghost town is Buffalo, home of the Buffalo Wing and also... hmmm... coldness and snow. Taking a picture in the middle of the day without any people getting in your way or bumping and pushing you is not a problem. There are almost no people walking around in the middle of the day. Where do they go? Do they only come out at night? Now I am not talking about a day in the middle of winter, because if you have any sense you will hibernate like a bear in a cave, what I am referring to is an average spring day.

If my goal were to shoot people and city life, this would not be the place I would go to make my images. Luckily that was not the case. So in the end, things worked out just as I wanted them to. Here are the images: http://enzoem.smugmug.com/