Cape Cod Vacation

Earlier this year we took a week-long vacation to Cape Cod (the Cape) and Maine with a pit stop in Boston. Although this took place at the end of June, the weather in New England was quite a bit cooler than we had expected. Even without being able to go for a swim, we made the best of our vacation time. We explored the many towns, roads and hidden beaches that the Cape had to offer. The above image was taken in Provincetown. For a complete gallery of images I created use the following link -> http://enzoem.smugmug.com/Cities/Cape-Cod-MA


Always Give

The current national and worldwide economy has seen better days. Unemployment and debt are on the rise, and everyone is doing their best to get through these tough times. I will not talk about savings advice or how to make the most of your dollar. There are plenty of books and websites that offer excellent advice. I have actually read and re-read a few of them recently.

One common idea amongst many sources that gets very little attention is the idea of giving back. The basic thought is that to receive, one must also give. Philanthropy can be done in a multitude of ways and through many reputable organizations. Not very long ago, as a gift, an account was opened in my name on a micro-lending website that makes loans to entrepreneurs around the world. The organization is called Kiva. Feel free to click and read more detailed information. I have made a total of three loans using Kiva, and one has already been repaid in full, allowing me to lend again. The level of transparency in this site is excellent and you can trust that your money is going to where it is supposed to go. In general, the loans go to entrepreneurs in developing nations: a fisherman might want to raise money for a new reel and bait, a small grocer might need to buy extra produce to sell, a photographer might need to buy a new lens... I think you get the idea.

I am sure there are other similar sites that allow you to make a difference in another person's life in a positive way. Whether it is Kiva.org or another organization... get out there and give.