Be a better photographer...

...take a photography class or workshop from a well established and credible photographer. This year for Christmas, besides the material gifts that I am very happy with, my girlfriend decided to give me what many call an 'experience gift'. I was given the opportunity to take a class with New York City photographer Dave Beckerman Site. This was my first formal learning session and even though the weather did not allow any outdoor photography, the time spent talking and shooting in the hallway was very useful. I am not the most outgoing person in the world, but I did feel very comfortable in this situation. The lesson felt like it was centered around me and not at all centered about the 'teacher'.

One thing is certain, I will be shooting a LOT more this coming year and continue to improve my skill sets in this craft.

This is one of the shots I made during the lesson.
cat-black-and white

Thank you all for your support this year.



Gift Ideas

It is once again time to buy gifts for friends, coworkers, and loved ones. As you may know by now I recently published a small photo book that is for sale. In addition to my book (Link to book) don't forget to check out my Cafepress store: Link to store. The store has products for sale featuring my own images. If you have that one person that you just can't figure out, take a look at my products for ideas of what to buy them.

Any feedback is welcome and appreciated...

Stay warm and enjoy... it is getting very cold as winter approaches.


A walk in the park

Fall is not officially over yet. We have a few more days before winter kicks in and the real cold weather keeps us all indoors. Luckily my girlfriend and I were recently able to take some time off and take an afternoon to walk through Central Park. The leaves seemed to change and fall off the trees rather quickly this year, and without a car readily available for our annual fall foliage drive, a walk through the park was the next best thing. Fresh air and a little exercise is always welcome. The image below depicts what a fall afternoon in Central Park is all about. During our walk, we ran into a street performer/mime that would hold a pose for a few seconds and then change pose. I imagine that can be very tiring, but it was relaxing to observe for a few minutes. If you click on the image below you will be taken to the rest of the image gallery for that day.