Night Time Reflection

Welcome back. Below is an image I made after a long day of work at the Metropolitan Opera. The new fountain found right in the middle of Lincoln Center is normally on, but this night it was off. I used this to my advantage. Knowing that I would get a nice reflection of the interior lights of the Metropolitan Opera on the marble of the fountain allowed me to make this long exposure image. If the fountain had been on, a good amount of the opera house would have been blocked. As I learned a long time ago, it is important to 'Expect the unexpected". This image is a perfect example of that saying.



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Store Update

The peacock postcards have been replaced with note cards. With the holiday season over, these would be great thank you cards to thank the people who made you smile.

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More Snow?

This morning I woke up to white rooftops and it was still snowing. I was pretty sure that it would not be another major storm. But it feels good to know that real winters are back. Below is an image I made walking around Jackson Heights after last year's snow storm.




What day is it?

It's a new year, 2009 is over and 2010 is here. I hate not knowing what day it is, I am sure you do too. The best day to not get lost in time is to keep track of it. Below is a link to a 2010 calendar featuring an image I made flying above NYC in a helicopter. It is the same image at the very top of this blog. Feel free to use the link below to order one today.





Night Train Home

There is no question about it, we are in the middle of winter. Making images this evening was very fun. I almost forgot how cold it was as I walked the city and took pictures. Unfortunately I was not able to shoot as much as I could have on a warmer day, but I made the best of it. I knew it would be a challenge to shoot comfortably in the cold, so I decided to leave the camera bag at home. I just made sure I had my fastest lens on the camera and headed out. It would be too cold to waste time getting my heavy bag with extra lenses and gear off my back every time I felt I needed to take a shot. The hassle of taking it out and putting it away repeatedly would eventually become too much of a chore and not the enjoyable, yet freezing, photo making experience.

Below is a shot I made on my way home.