Free Cheerios Toy

red-toy-carAs part of an ongoing personal movement to eat healthier and live a longer life, I have been trying to eat cereal daily. Unless I can get to Walmart to get a good price on cereal, Rite Aid seems to always have some on sale. Being that there are two locations within a block of my apartment, finding an on-sale item is never an issue. The usual suspects are either Smart Start or Special K. Just a few days ago I was able to pick up a large box of Cheerios on sale. Unfortunately my preferred flavor was not to be found, so I ended up with the rather unflavored original Cheerios. I suppose that its lack of flavor and sweetness is better for me, so I'm not too upset. Finally the time came to open up the box and load up a small bowl of the highly buoyant little Os. I had not bothered to look at the front of the box so what was to happen next came to me as a total surprise. This box had a toy car inside! This was a small plastic red race car, but not just a regular car, it was the kind you pull back, let go and watch it zoom away. It even included decals to decorate your car. I did notice the alignment was a bit off, on my first attempt to race the car it decided to make a pit stop under my fridge. Getting a toy inside my cereal box totally reminded me of being a small kid and I would pick out what cereal I wanted my parents to buy me solely based on the prize inside. Now it was time for the little race car's first true test... the JUMP. Needless to say it passed with flying colors (pun intended). I took a small booklet I had on my coffee table and placed it face-down open to the center on my hardwood floor. I pulled back on the car and then set it free to make a Dukes of Hazzard style jump. I was having a ton of fun. The car was making almost perfect landings each attempt. I even got the car (by accident) to ride on 2 wheels for a short distance before it landed and continued to roll. Many times when we as adults try to relive the things we found to be fun as a child, we come to find that they have lost that magic. This is not one of them. As my birthday approaches I find it rejuvenating to find more of the inner child within.


Jackson Heights 2009-2010 Neighborhood Map

When traveling to new cities and towns, without fail I find a map of that location. They show all the local attractions, businesses and places to eat. What stands out most for me is the somewhat cartoony nature of these maps. Just today I found out, thanks to my girlfriend's amazing ability to find anything on the internet, that there is a local map of Jackson Heights. Clicking the link below (and above) takes you to the site describing it in detail and also includes images of the actual map. My next mission, if I choose to accept it, is to acquire the Jackson Heights Neighborhood map.

David Heatley - Jackson Heights 2009-2010 Neighborhood Map



Jackson Heights - Fire Revisited

After uploading my images and posting them online for the world to see what was happening in my neighborhood we decided to go back out again. At this point in time a few news reports had made it onto the news and several other blogs. Thankfully from everything we were seeing and reading, no lives were lost. By the time we returned to the scene of the blaze the fire had been put out and some of the firefighters had started to pack their gear. The images below were captured on the second visit in the afternoon of the fire. On this outing I had it in my mind to capture black and white images to contrast the color images from earlier in the day. Now bulldozing of the site has commenced and the affected area has been boarded off. Even tonight you could still smell the scent of burnt wood. Unfortunately this is not the heart-warming kind of burnt wood scent that makes you think of a cozy fireplace, this was a disaster.

I hope that the owners of the businesses lost recently are able to recover and reopen soon.




Jackson Heights - Fire in Queens

About three hours ago, while attempting to watch a movie on my recently malfunctioning television, we heard sirens. A regular daily occurrence. Our living room window faces 83rd Street, which is used by ambulances leaving the local hospital. Today we actually decided to look out the window. Directly over the building across the street was a large black cloud of smoke. It was not clear where the source was, so we decided to take a walk outside and see what was causing the massive black plume of smoke. What we were about to see was quite a site. A block east on 37th Ave. a fire was roaring and black smoke was everywhere. The following images were taken shortly after the start of this horrible incident.





Let us pray that no one was injured in the fire and that the true heroes of the day, our brave firefighters, remain safe.


Winter Escape in Vermont

As part of an ongoing project to photograph covered bridges, my travels took me to Manchester, VT. Below you can enjoy a slideshow of images I recently made. I fear that one day covered bridges will all be replaced by open steel bridges. Every time I lay my eyes upon these wonders, my mind is transported to an older and slower time. In my mind's eye a horse drawn carriage crosses through the bridge and gallops off into the distance. If I cross this bridge on foot, will I time travel into the past before cars roared and dominated the streets like an episode of the twilight zone gone wrong? I was brave enough for the challenge. Perhaps you too will cross that bridge.