Jackson Heights - Fire Revisited

After uploading my images and posting them online for the world to see what was happening in my neighborhood we decided to go back out again. At this point in time a few news reports had made it onto the news and several other blogs. Thankfully from everything we were seeing and reading, no lives were lost. By the time we returned to the scene of the blaze the fire had been put out and some of the firefighters had started to pack their gear. The images below were captured on the second visit in the afternoon of the fire. On this outing I had it in my mind to capture black and white images to contrast the color images from earlier in the day. Now bulldozing of the site has commenced and the affected area has been boarded off. Even tonight you could still smell the scent of burnt wood. Unfortunately this is not the heart-warming kind of burnt wood scent that makes you think of a cozy fireplace, this was a disaster.

I hope that the owners of the businesses lost recently are able to recover and reopen soon.