Jackson Heights Theater

After moving to Jackson Heights it was not long till we discovered the local Jackson Heights movie theater. This is not one of those modern multiplex 14 screen set ups. This movie theater is special. For one thing it was very old. I do not recall the exact age, my girlfriend is the one that remembers all the small details after scouring the google for every tidbit of information available. I am sure it was one of those places we have all seen in old black and white movies where everyone in the audience is dressed up and wearing suits and hats. (The Jackson Heights Theater opened in 1924) One thing I did love about the Jackson Heights movie theater is the fact that it has stadium seating, which is great when a tall guy with a big head decides to sit in front of you blocking your view.

After going to see a movie (tickets were only $5.00 USD with spanish subtitles) I decided to go back one day and bring my camera to shoot some photos of the interior of the movie theater. That did not work out so well. The front door was locked and chained and a posted sign read "For Rent". We were hoping that this was just a temporary closure and that the theater would re-open again in the near future. (now tickets are $10.00)

Thanks to the wonderful internets I was pleased to read that the Jackson Heights movie theater was set to open up again as a fully functioning theater. I plan to go see Kites in the next few days.

Below is a photo of the marquee.