This is a post mainly to test out the blogger app for my new Motorola Droid X. I am using swype to compose this mobile blog post. If this works out, I will not be limited to sharing my thoughts and images only when I am home. I will be able to blog my ideas when they are fresh in my mind, and also post pics seconds after taking them. Having an 8 megapixel camera on my phone and the ability to shoot high def 720p video is a huge plus.

Currently, when I post a blog entry, a tweet automatically goes out, then my tweets automatically go out to both facebook and google buzz. And with the fact that anyone can subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog, I am able to reach and affect a wide audience.

I am also trying out a few new things on this blog.now there is an about me section. And to bring things full circle, there is also a link to my tweets.

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As promised in my last blog post (http://enzoem.blogspot.com/.../queens-globe-unisphere.html) the following is a slide show from photographs made in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. If you have trouble viewing the images below, feel free to view them directly here.




This image is from a recent trip to see the site of past World's Fairs that have been held in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. I will be uploading a few more in the next few days. But until then, please enjoy the image I made of the famous globe, called the Unisphere.

When someone mentions Queens, we usually think of the NY Mets, the Unisphere, the US Tennis Open, and two major airports. I dare to say that the Unisphere is the most iconic symbol of Queens and I am sure most readers will agree with me on this point.

This image would also look very good larger and hanging on a wall. IMHO.




It's the weekend, and I thought I would keep my writing and your reading to a minimum. I recently took a long train ride of the F to the last stop to visit the world famous Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn, NY. Coney Island is also home to the annual hot dog eating contest sponsored by Nathan's Famous. You must have one of their dogs if you visit. My last trip to Coney Island was when I was a child, and this was my first visit as a grown up. If crowds and a ton of people and tourists is not your thing, do what I did and go midday on a weekday.

There were more people walking the boardwalk with cameras than without, so I know that there is no shortage of Coney Island images on the internet. I hope you enjoy mine, featuring the iconic Wonder Wheel and several images capturing the essence of the boardwalk.








Here we have a restaurant with outdoor seating. This outdoor seating area is located in NYC's "The Village" in front of Wogies. Very good buffalo wings can be found here also. This late afternoon day we sat and ate outside. The strangest thing was that out of the five or six tables, only the one pictured below had utensils, a napkin holder, and a bottle of ketchup. Luckily for me I was sitting right next to that table and was able to reach over for some napkins. The ketchup bottle was not needed this time... I only ordered buffalo wings. Had I ordered some fries or a burger, then I would have make quick use of that ketchup bottle.

As far as making this photo, the scene did not benefit from being shown in full color. The only thing that stood out was the red ketchup bottle. Everything else was mainly grayish. Going black and white for me made this photo a lot more interesting. Leaving the red ketchup bottle untouched was part of my original vision when photographing the scene.





Of the many taco trucks lining the majority of Roosevelt Ave. in Queens, the one pictured below is a bit different. I have not tried this one in particular, but I have a strange feeling that like the rest, it is also very tasty. For one thing this taco truck is large, meaning that they can turn out a lot of food, and a huge variety of food as well. Just looking at the vast menu, you know that you are in for a treat. I tend to call these mobile restaurants "taco trucks" but they sell a lot more than just tacos. I recommend you explore one for yourselves and enjoy the experience. The one thing that stood out and drew my attention this this one taco truck were the chairs in front of it. Genius! Line is too long, take a seat and wait. Want to have a sit down dining experience, take a seat. Tired of shopping and just need a quick bite, take a seat. This taco truck gets my approval.





After recently buying two dozen roses to bring home, I decided to make a picture of them before they wilt away.