Here we have a restaurant with outdoor seating. This outdoor seating area is located in NYC's "The Village" in front of Wogies. Very good buffalo wings can be found here also. This late afternoon day we sat and ate outside. The strangest thing was that out of the five or six tables, only the one pictured below had utensils, a napkin holder, and a bottle of ketchup. Luckily for me I was sitting right next to that table and was able to reach over for some napkins. The ketchup bottle was not needed this time... I only ordered buffalo wings. Had I ordered some fries or a burger, then I would have make quick use of that ketchup bottle.

As far as making this photo, the scene did not benefit from being shown in full color. The only thing that stood out was the red ketchup bottle. Everything else was mainly grayish. Going black and white for me made this photo a lot more interesting. Leaving the red ketchup bottle untouched was part of my original vision when photographing the scene.