When I looked out my bedroom window the other day I saw a massive dark gray wall of a cloud over the buildings off in the distance. Just above the wall of clouds the sky was perfectly clear. The clouds became the horizon that the sun would set behind. It would only be a few minutes after the image below was taken that the sun was completely set behind the clouds and they literally appeared to have a silver lining.

Before I lost the sun to the cloud wall, I ran and got my camera. I instantly knew that I wanted to create a starburst effect with the sun. The starburst effect basically simulates an exploding star, where you can see individual rays of light emitting from the source. The starburst effect creates a dramatic look that can greatly enhance a photograph. Any light source will work. Of course there is always the photoshop solution where the starburst effect can be created using software, but if an effect can be created in-camera, then there is no need to destroy pixels.

To create the starburst effect one must simply stop down. This photo was made at f/16. The same image at a much bigger aperture... let's say f/2.8 would have not created the starburst effect in the sun, but would have instead just been a big ball of light, and not as exciting.





Today I was making prints to give as part of a thank you package and in order to maximize my photo paper real estate, I decided to add a few extra photographs. One of the photos that I decided to add was one I took a few months ago while walking around New York City. I was surprised that I had never uploaded this image of the Flatiron Building to my smugmug or flickr sites (links are above the search bar --->). When I saw the Flatiron Building I knew for a fact that there already existed thousands of other images of the Flatiron Building. To make a unique photo of the Flatiron Building something needed to be different in mine. What I chose to do was make the Flatiron Building my background, and put the focus on a foreground object, in this case the Fifth Avenue Building Clock. When busy walking or driving all over Manhattan's busy streets, I do not usually have time to notice every detail. Luckily on that day I was walking around with no hurry and had time to observe new things. This was the first time I had ever seen the Fifth Avenue Building Clock. A worthy subject on its own. But an even better idea would be to put my focus on the Fifth Avenue Clock and to use the land mark Flatiron Building as a backdrop. Of the over 6000 google search results on "flatiron building" and "fifth avenue building clock" only 30+ results showed up when searching for images.

If you are a New Yorker (or tourist) and/or love photography, take a walk over to the Flatiron Building and take a shot. Feel free to leave a comment or even post a link to your photo.





So... It is no secret that I love food. And you might also have guessed that I have a passion for photography. What better way to mashup two of my interests than to photograph my food. If you know where to look you can find out some of the places I go to eat out at and also see photos I have taken using either my DSLR or even my phone's camera. It has been said that the best camera out there is the one you have with you. One thing I have not been doing is photographing the home cooked meals that I enjoy. What I decided to do was to start photographing my home cooked meals. Generally I eat at home a lot more than outside the home, so I should have a lot to shoot in the coming weeks.

What you see here are stuffed peppers. To keep things interesting both red and green peppers were used. The peppers were stuffed with a mixture of rice, turkey sausage, shredded baked chicken, and a few other goodies for flavor and texture. Everything for the stuffing was cooked separately and then mixed and stuffed into the cut out peppers. The stuffed peppers were then baked in the oven and topped with good mozzarella cheese.

You are going to have to trust me on this one, but they smelled great and tasted just as good! (Thanks to my GF who did most of the cooking and prep work)