Here is a shot I took while waiting to take the 7 Train into the city one day. I made a few more shots that day but they didn't make the cut. I was trying to get a shot of an approaching train, but without vibration reduction on any of my lenses, this proved to be nearly impossible. If you have ever stood on an elevated train station you know that they move a lot. Even before the train got to the station, I knew that I would have a lot of blur, but I still tried to make a usable image. As a low resolution .jpg file at about 600 pixels wide, they look decent. But being that I have the full resolution file to look at, and am highly critical of my own work, I could not show it off here.

What I do have to share with everyone is a scene I see often. The 7 Train line in Queens. Sometimes I am waiting at 4am for the train on my way to work and other times it is 4am on my way home. One of the best parts of waiting for the 7 Train is getting a view of the New York City skyline. On some days you can be witness to some of the most spectacular sunsets. For the most part, the buildings that line Roosevelt Ave. along the 7 line are only a few stories tall, so as the train travels, you can see all the different rooftops. Some have parabolic antennae, others have HVAC units and fans, and most do have graffiti. One thing you can always count on is for the smells of all the restaurants and street carts and trucks to waft into your nose whetting your appetite. Another detail worth mentioning is the close proximity of LaGuardia Airport to the 7 Train line. I was lucky enough to capture an airplane flying out of frame in the image below.

Wake up your senses and take a ride on the 7 Train. Next time you are on your way to Citifield, do yourself a favor and get off the train in Jackson Heights and spend a few moments on the platform and experience the things I have mentioned for yourself. If you have a little time I encourage you to get down to the street and explore the area by foot.






Recently in Jackson Heights, as part of Hispanic Heritage Month, 82nd Street was closed off one block north and south of Roosevelt Ave. The area one block south of Roosevelt Ave. was mainly geared more towards kids and there were giant inflatable castles for kids to jump around in. The one block north of Roosevelt Ave. was where the action was at. In addition to a few vendors the majority of the people in attendance congregated in one of two places. The performance stage that featured live music and cultural dances that took place directly in front of the stage. The second area was further down the block where HPI-Racing was demoing their cars.

HPI-Racing had set up a jumping ramp in the middle of the street and had several gas powered radio controlled cars racing around and hitting the ramp at full speed to catch a lot of air time. As a kid I used to drool over these kinds of cars. As a kid I learned the hard way the difference between a remote controlled car and a radio controlled car. Typically a remote controlled car is exactly what you would think it means... kind of. Yes there is a fast car. And yes, there is a remote control. But in addition what is usually in very small print is the part of the description that says that a the remote and the vehicle are tethered by a wire. Can you imagine the heartbreak a little kid suffers when he finds out that in order to fully enjoy his new toy, he has to run around chasing this little car? In today's day and age we use the term "FAIL".

Eventually I must have been old enough and also properly educated my parents on the difference between remote control and r/c (radio controlled) cars, that I got as a gift for a birthday a battery powered off road r/c car. I could not play with this car enough. I was recharging the battery a few times a day. I would use anything I could get a hold of to build makeshift ramps and obstacles to challenge my r/c car. I would even line up my small Matchbox and Hotwheel cars and drive over them as if my car was either Bigfoot or Grave Digger.

I never did get the chance to upgrade to the big leagues and get a gas powered r/c car. When I saw the guys from HPI-Racing out in the middle of the street jumping their cars off ramps, I was instantly a kid again. It didn't take me long to quickly fill up my memory cards. It was great re-living my childhood for a little while. This was also a good opportunity to shoot fast moving objects. Being that I don't normally shoot moving targets, let alone fast moving targets, this was a good way to hone those skills.

-Enjoy ( Click below to view the full gallery )