I was not going to let a little rain stop us from going down to Little Italy this year for the San Gennaro Festival. The only day I was able to make it was on the very last day of the festival. As luck would have it, rain was on the forecast. Nothing that an umbrella or a zip lock freezer bag could not handle. So off to the San Gennaro Festival my camera went, and I followed.

After you are done drooling, feel free to click on the image below to be taken to a few more photos of the 2010 San Gennaro Festival, and see a little of what you might have missed.



(P.S. - I tried a deep fried oreo cookie and lived to tell about it.)




Here is a quick post. The long days and one day weekends for the last few weeks have slowed me down a little. But I am back and will be posting a few more pics in the days to come. This photo was not taken in Cuba, but instead was taken in Little Italy earlier this year.