The Christmas blizzard of 2010 has come and gone, but evidence of it still lingers as the snow and ice
left in its wake still remain. Before our attention shifts to the next storm, I decided to provide a few
images I made shortly after the blizzard hit, documenting life on the streets of Jackson Heights.
The following shots were made in the span of two days.

The streets of Jackson Heights at dusk were bright and colorful due to the holiday decorated trees
that line the sidewalk. It is always nice to see the holiday spirit in full effect. The often busy 37th Ave.
was unusually quiet.

Moving on to some of the less popular streets one can truly feel engulfed by a winter wonderland,
or trapped in a giant snow globe.

Although we were all advised to keep off the snow covered streets, some people, like the taxi cab
above, were determined to drive on. Eventually the spinning wheels caught traction and the car
moved forward. (Probably to get stuck again a block later)

There was a real sense of community in Jackson Heights, as strangers would randomly band
together to help vehicles unable to escape the blizzard's icy grip. When I wasn't shooting, I too
helped a handful of cars out of the snow.

Some individuals, like the taxi above gave up midway through an attempt at parallel parking. For
three days this cab made no attempt to properly park or leave the spot. The bright light on the cab
is from an oncoming truck making its way down the street.


In closing, despite the clean up effort, the overall spirit of the season prevailed and the good in
people was brought to the surface.