Dumbo Street on deviantART

Last year I posted the image of a Dumbo Street which was well received so I decided to build on it a little. What I decided to do was set up an account over at devianArt.com to not only show off some of my work, but also to be able to sell my art. Currently I only have the one print available, but I will be adding more soon. Right now you can get anything from a postcard to a canvas fine art print in a variety of sizes. I am still learning how the site works so things will move slow at first and also prices will also start low. The reason for this post serves two purposes A) make my readers aware of where else on the internet my photography can be found B) declaring my effort to promote the distribution on my photography will make me accountable to add new content.

The next image that I will make available might be an aerial photograph of New York City taken from a helicopter. Stay tuned for update, either here or on Twitter.


Dumbo Streets by ~enzoem on deviantART


Its been fun...

Another year is over. 2010 came and went and now 2011 has kicked off officially. This blog started a long time ago and has seen many changes over the years. Some readers come and go and others keep coming back for more. I guess I am doing something right. For the New Year I have a few new ideas that I might want to implement. All the comments are much appreciated and if you come across a post that you truly enjoy, spread the love and tell your friends. I do take feedback seriously here; one loyal reader that is subscribed to my rss feed became irate and threatened to stop reading my blog when I was experimenting with a truncated feed and not the full post. That was changed very quickly. First I had ads, then no ads, back to ads again. The photography you will find here, unless otherwise noted, is all my original work which I create for myself and enjoy sharing with you all. From the team here at "enzoem" - THANK YOU for reading... see you soon.