This is not the first time I make a panorama (Creating a panoramic image), but it is definitely, by far, the biggest one I have attempted to make. I didn't have a protractor with me when I made this series of images but what you see is close to a 180 degree view. At first I was intending to just make a panoramic image of the covered bridge. After about three shots into making the images that would eventually become the final panoramic image, I decided to stop. Start all over. And make the covered bridge only part of the panorama and really go big and capture the opposite side of the frozen river in its entirety. When I say big... the final uncompressed .tiff composed from fourteen individual images came out to about 160mb. Luckily the weather was warm that day and my hands did not freeze while out shooting, and at the same time it was cold enough for the snow and ice not to melt. Making the original images was fun. I enjoy starting with one idea and having it take on a life of its own and become something even bigger and better than imagined. After processing the original photos and creating the panoramic image I was somewhat surprised as to how good the final image looked. Feedback is always welcomed, and don't forget to also take a look at the two mountain panoramic images. (Links are below)


Littleton, NH

For a couple more examples of winter panoramic images, check out the links below.

Mountain 1 Panorama

Mountain 2 Panorama