I amsterdam

Here is a throw back photo. It is not an old photograph, only a little over four years old, but there is something else that qualifies it as a throw back. For one this image was shot on film. But what really makes this photograph of the famous "I amsterdam" sign, is the camera used. At the time, before moving on to a digital SLR, I was shooting on a Nikkormat FTN. The Nikkormat FTN was produced from 1967-1975. This camera did not have any automatic settings, everything was manual. Aperture and shutter speed all needed to be set manually, and of course focus was manual too. Some might find it to be too hard or a hassle, but I enjoyed shooting this way. I felt that I was actually learning some of the fundamentals of photography.

The shot below is one of my favorite ones from those days. It was taken in Amsterdam, and really captures what it feels like to be there. The bicyclist rolling into my frame really completes the shot in my opinion.

I hope you have enjoyed today's throwback at noon photo.


Jamaica Bay - Birds

Here are a few images of birds. These were all taken in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Now that spring is in full swing, I think it is time to make another trip to the wildlife refuge in Jamaica Bay. One bus gets me there, so I have no excuse not to return. When I first went to the wildlife refuge, I was a little bit shocked by the number of birds that I was able to see. I saw seagulls, ducks, geese, swan, an osprey, and even a cardinal. One visitor almost was knocked in the head by a shell. Seagulls drop shells from the sky to crack them open and eat the shellfish living inside. It was a bit chilly on my visit in late March, so hopefully the weather is improved on my next visit, and by improved I mean warmer.

Enjoy the short slideshow, and be sure to visit the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.