All Aboard - Train Photos

Going through the archives yesterday I ran across a couple of shots I took in 2008. My intention was to try and rediscover photos that I might have overlooked but deserved a second chance. The following two photos of a train, or to be more specific parts of a train, were worthy of a little massaging and also lucky enough to be featured here today for your viewing enjoyment.

The first image is of a train wheel taken just as the train arrived at the station. The second image is of a pair of seats inside the train. Once the photos were selected, I realized that these two photos work nicely as a set. The obvious of course is that they both are photographs featuring parts of a train. In this case they are of the same train, which happens to be part of the Cape Cod Central Railroad. The second discovery, or I should say observation is the similar color pallet shared in these two images. *Look at the photos below.* *Good.* *Now continue reading.* Did you notice the same thing I did? Excellent, each image has red and blue as the main tones.

Wheels and tires don't usually spark my creativity, but these two photos of train parts intrigue me. Part of the intrigue is the inner child within that loves trains and steam engines. Another part of the intrigue is the 'Neo' in me. It is about choice. Red or blue pill... which to choose? Do I board the train or not? Red seat or blue seat? Choose one!


Train Seats



Refreshing Dessert Idea - Spiced Cantaloupe

In an effort to continue the slow process of losing weight and cutting spending, we have stepped up our attempts of cooking at home. Buying the raw ingredients and making your own food costs a fraction of what it would cost to have the same dish at a restaurant. Sure, you can eat unhealthy at home just as easy as you can in a restaurant, but if you want to be healthy, you can. The main culprits in my opinion to bad eating habits are excessive use of salt and sugar.

Having just recently brought home fresh fruit from the last trip to the supermarket, we had the right ingredients to make "Spiced Cantaloupe". The 'Better Homes and Gardens - New Cook Book' was cracked open to the fruit and vegetables section and it was off to the cutting board. But before eating time, it was photography time.

The recipe for Spiced Cantaloupe calls for the following ingredients:

Cantaloupe-Limes-food-fruit - 2 cups cubed cantaloupe
- 2 tablespoons lime juice
- 1 tablespoon sugar
- 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

Now what?
In a medium bowl combine cantaloupe, lime juice, sugar, and nutmeg; toss gently to combine. Spoon into serving dishes.

Now time to eat.

But before you run off to your kitchen to make this for yourself, I suggest you skip the sugar altogether. We used a teaspoon of sugar instead of a tablespoon, and even that little bit was too much as our melon was ripe and naturally sweet.





So I finally got the nerve up to try a new dish with a new ingredient. Jalapeños. Maybe I ate too many tacos, tortas, cemitas, and tamales last week. Or have I just been watching too much Chopped on the Food Network? The reason doesn't really matter... they were amazing.

To create this dish, first the jalapeños were halved and the seeds removed. Then the mushrooms and turkey were diced and mixed together in a small bowl. Next the jalapeño halves were filled with the mixture of mushroom and turkey. Once filled the jalapeños were topped with diced swiss cheese. For extra cheesiness everything received a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese. Finally the jalapeño halves were dusted with paprika for color and to add a little smokiness to the dish.

Once everything is ready, the jalapeño halves are placed on a baking sheet where they will bake in the oven for 20 minutes set at 400.

I guarantee that if you try to make some yourself, you will love them. They tasted and smelled amazing. Being that they are baked and not breaded or deep fried, they are somewhat better for your health. Also, mushrooms and peppers have great nutritional benefits. Why pay grossly overinflated prices at a restaurant for something you can have fun making at home for a fraction of the cost?