French Bread Pizza

This was an accidental perfect little dinner. So I wound up in Carroll Gardens one night and decided to make a quick visit to one of my favorite Brooklyn bakeries. At this point in the early evening a think fog set in, making my walk over to Mazzola Bakery and Cafe very surreal. Going through my mind was only one thing. LARD BREAD. There are no words for their lard bread, but if you want to run out for some right now and not finish reading this blog post... I wouldn't even be mad about it. Needless to say, if you have been drooling over the above image, you already know that I did not succeed in acquiring lard bread. I had a feeling that they might have sold out of the lard bread by the time I showed up, so I opted for a whole-wheat baguette.

So a couple of nights later, after fighting the urge to order a Seamless meal, we decided to make use of the whole-wheat bread and make a little pizza. This bread, being crusty and hearty, turned out to be the perfect ingredient. In the past I've used either Italian bread or regular French bread, and they've turned out pretty good, but the whole-wheat baguette held up a lot better to the sauce and ingredients. For the sauce, feel free to use your favorite pasta sauce.

Start with a crusty and hearty bread.

Once you have your bread cut and generously covered with sauce, it is time for the main ingredient. For this masterpiece of a pizza, the winner was kale. You can get spinach on a pizza quite easily, but for an alternative ingredient on the healthier side, kale is a no brainer.

Sauteed kale and garlic.

In order to use kale, you must first wash it thoroughly. Then wash it again. Dirt has an uncanny ability to hide in the folds of the leaves, so unless you like to eat dirt, which I assume you do not, taking the time to properly clean the ingredient is crucial. Now simply heat up some olive oil and add minced garlic (do not let it burn). Once you start to get that nice garlic aroma, add the kale. It will wilt down so feel free to be very generous with the amount of kale used. For optimal results, cover your pan ( I use a sheet to aluminum foil) and toss occasionally.

Assembled pizza just needs a little cheese.

After adding the kale to your bread, top each piece with your cheese of choice. I went with provolone this time. As you can see from the above image, my pizzas are laid out on a piece of aluminum foil. A cookie sheet gets too hot and will most likely burn the bottom side of the bread or even worse, make the crust impossible to bite through. Just trust me on this and you will not be disappointed.

Final product, fresh out of the oven.